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Grants Development Office Services 2014-15

Grants Development Staff

Jules Oyer
Grants Development Project Coordinator

Kim Remley
Administrative Asst.

Julie Wilkens
IRB Compliance Officer

1. Ways in which the Grants Development Office can assist you in achieving your scholarship/research goals includes:

  • Helping you obtain and complete grant applications for internal and external sources for scholarship, travel or program development
  • Identifying potential external and internal funding sources to support your research
  • Receive updates on discipline specific grant opportunities through PIVOT/COS – free to faculty/staff/students in SUNY who access database through the campus network. Includes a wide variety of governmental and non-governmental funders from around the world.

2. Annual Full day Grant Writing Workshop

  • Practical, one-day workshop for faculty/staff seeking external funding
  • Offered on Thursday, January 22, 2015 on campus from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm. To register send an email to

3. Funding Your Scholarship - One Hour Seminars for Faculty/Staff

  • Friday, October 3, 2014 from 1-2 pm
  • Friday, October 24, 2014 from 3-4 pm
    To register please send an email to

4. Grant writing presentations for your classes

  • These can be developed to take from 1.5 – 3 hours and will focus on how to successfully seek external grants in any discipline
  • Contact Jules Oyer at

5. Conducting research involving human subjects?

  • Our office coordinates the approval process for human subjects review for faculty, staff, and/or student research
  • Contact our IRB office at email address IRB on how to seek human subject approval, or visit the IRB web page at
  • If you would like to schedule an in-class presentation on the ethics of involving human subjects in research please send an email

6. Scholars Day

  • Our annual celebration of faculty/staff/student research is coordinated by our office. In 2014 there were 305 oral presentations/poster sessions/performances made by 730 students, faculty and staff
  • It will be held on April 8, 2015 and classes are suspended during the day from 8 am – 5 pm so that the entire campus community can participate
  • The online call for participation will be available after November 3, 2014 and will be due by February 4, 2015. The forms can be found at

Campus-Based, Internal Grants for Faculty, Staff
(Students' list is at the end)

Contact Jules Oyer, Grants Development Project Coordinator at for assistance in preparing applications

Programs 1-5 below are administered through the Grants Development Office

1. Scholarly Incentive Award - for full-time faculty

  • This is a competative program designed to help faculty members advance scholarly production in their home disciplines
  • Funding may be used to conduct research, initiate creative projects, complete projects, or pursure other scholarly activities
  • Application deadlines: November 3, 2014 and March 2, 2015
  • Guidelines can be found at

2. Pre-Tenure Grants Development Award - for full-time tenure track faculty

  • This is a competitive, merit-based program open to all full-time, tenure-track assistant professors during their first five years of service
  • Grants support scholarly activity and submission of external grant applications
  • Preference is given to projects entailing first-time submission of external grant proposals, but resubmission of external grant proposals are highly encouraged
  • Maximum award is $2,000, half is paid up front and the balance paid after submission of external grant application(s)
  • Awards provide reimbursement for eligible expenses (same range of expenses eligible under Faculty Scholarship Account)
  • Funds are administered by Grants Development and expire if unused two years after award notification
  • Deadlines are November 3, 2014 and March 2, 2015
  • Guidelines can be found at

3. Provost’s Post-Tenure Fellowship – for full time tenured faculty

  • This is a competitive, merit-based award
  • Maximum award is $4,000
  • Awards cover expenses associated with a substantial scholarly endeavor
  • Awards provide reimbursement for eligible expenses (same range of expenses eligible under Faculty Scholarship Account)
  • Funds are administered by Grants Development and expire if unused two years after award notification
  • Deadlines are November 3, 2014 and March 2, 2015
  • Guidelines can be found at

4. UUP Individual Development Grants – for all UUP members (faculty and staff, full and part-time)

  • All full and part-time faculty/staff that are part of the UUP bargaining unit are eligible to apply.
  • This is a highly competitive program. The campus allocation for 2014 -15 is $30,460. Next and last deadline for 2014-15 is March 2, 2015.
  • Up to $1,000 can be requested (although since it is a highly competitive program unlikely to get the full request).
  • Professional development activities that took place between July 2, 2014 – June 30, 2015 will be eligible
  • Guidelines and forms can be found in the left hand column of this page.

5. UUP Drescher Leaves – those eligible are full time tenure track faculty who have at least a one-term renewal and must also be a minority, woman, employee with a disability or have military status

  • Program provides a one semester full-time leave to enhance employment opportunities for people who are preparing for permanent or continuing appointment that meet the eligibility criteria described above. This is a competitive program.
  • Internal campus deadlines (to get required approvals) are: a) 9/29/14 for Spring 2015 semester leaves; b) 2/23/15 for Fall 2015 semester leaves; c) 9/29/15 for spring 2016 semester leave
  • Guidelines can be found at the link on the left hand side

The following programs #6 - 12 are not administered through the Grants Development Office but are internal campus programs for faculty/staff

6. Faculty Scholarship Account

Each year full-time, tenure-track and tenured faculty receive a $750 deposit into their Scholarship Account. Managed by the Deans Offices, this is an equitable and predictable source of funding for a wide range of scholarly and creative activities

  • The Faculty Scholarship Account is:
    • Bankable - each $750 annual deposit expoeres after two years
    • Flexible - accounts reimburse expenses associated with a wide range of defined scholarly or creative activities such as:
      • Registration and travel to academic conferences (not restricted to presenters)
      • Research (travel; student assistants; essential software, documents, data, lab or studtio supplies)
      • Publication, artistic performance and display
  • Approval fors are available from department or dean secrtaries

More information on Faculty Scholarship Accounts can be found at

7. Promoting Excellence in Diversity Grants

  • This grant supports proposals for scholarly and artistic events for the campus community. Proposed events need to engage the College community in dialogue on issues of diversity and add significant value to the diversity goals of the College. PED Grants do not support individual projects or research.
  • Faculty, staff, and students are all eligible to apply
  • Grants are administered through the Office of Assistant Provost for Diversity, Academic Affairs, (585) 395-2504 or e-mail
  • Submission deadlines are: September 26, 2014, October 24, 2014, February 20, 2015, April 3, 2015
  • Guidelines can be found at

8. Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Grants

  • Faculty/staff attendance and presentation at learning and teaching conferences
  • Individual or departmental projects aimed at improving teaching and learning
  • Faculty/staff CELT Fellows who conduct workshops and function as resources for the College community through the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. If you would like CELT to sponsor you for a conference and/or event, please print off the Application for Sponsorship form at

9. Faculty/Staff Technology Support Initiative

  • Supports technology needs of individuals (or small groups) of faculty and staff for job-related technology support for teaching, research and/or program administration
  • Grants are for less than $5,000 and local in impact
  • Supports one-time expenses for hardware, software, specialized equipment and data
  • Announcement comes out in January each year and proposals are due the end of February
  • More information can be found at:

10. American Democracy Project Distinguished Speakers Series

  • The College has been a member of the national American Democracy Project for over a decade. The program provides support for an annual distinguished speaker series. Each year ADP awards grants to academic departments and campus organizations to support lectures on topics related to its mission of promoting civic engagement
  • More information on requesting grant support to bring a speaker to campus can be obtained by contacting: Susan Orr, Brockport ADP Project Chair at or Dale Hartnett, ADP Campus Coordinator at

11. Brockport Foundation Undergraduate Summer Research Internships

  • Through the generosity of the Brockport Foundation, the College sponsors summer internship opportunities for students to work with faculty mentors on the mentor's research for up to eight weeks during the summer. Students present the results of their work at Scholar's Day, conferences outside the College, and Institute for Engaged Learning sponsored events.
  • The program is open to all Brockport undergraduate students who will be returning the following academic year. Selected students receive a stipend and free housing in residence halls. This program is competitive. Deadline will be early in the spring 2015 semester. For more information:

12. Institute for Engaged Learning Curriculum Development Grant for New Service-Learning Opportunities

  • Grant provides up to $500 to encourage faculty to incorporate new service-learning opportunities for students into their courses. Grant can be used for 5 related expenses including transportation, supplies, permits, educational resources, registrations, entry fees, etc.
  • Deadlines – for fall course 2014 due August 22, 2014; for spring 2015 courses application due November 30, 2014.
  • For more information and application form go to scroll down left hand column under Faculty Resources.

Grants Development Office Services for Students 2014-15

1. Student Travel Grants to Present at Conferences

  • A competitive program with funding from BSG and Academic Affairs
  • Undergraduate and graduate students presenting at a conference are eligible
  • Presentations must be made between August 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015
  • Applications should be submitted prior to travel
  • Maximum grant is $300 per academic year
  • Deadlines are September 26, 2014; November 7, 2014; March 2, 2015
  • Administered by Grants Development. For guidelines and forms go to

2. Student Travel Grants for BSG Club Members

  • A competitive program with funding from BSG
  • Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply if they are active members of a BSG Club in 2014-15. This is defined by attendance at BSG club meetings and BSG club minutes.
  • Travel to attend a conference between August 1, 2014, and May 1, 2015 are eligible
  • Maximum grant is $300 per academic year
  • Deadline is Nov. 7, 2014 or March 2, 2015
  • Limited funded is available – very competitive
  • Administered by Grants Development. For guidelines and forms go to

3. Scholars Day Presentations

  • This annual celebration of faculty, staff, and student research is coordinated by the Grants Development Office
  • Online call for participation forms are available November 3 and are due February 4, 2015
  • The forms can be found on the Scholar's Day site
  • Students must have approval from a faculty or staff member to submit an application to present

4. Distinguished Professors Graduate Student Research Award

  • A competitive, merit-based award for matriculated graduate students who are undertaking a substantial and original scholarly project (either research or creative) associated with their program of study
  • Preference is given to students working on their master's theses, or capstone research or creative projects
  • Deadlines for electronic submission of applications are October 15, 2014 and February 18, 2015

5. Grants Writing Course PRO 410/510

  • One-credit, pass/fail course offered each spring on two consecutive Saturdays
  • Course dates in 2015 are January 31, and February 7
  • Open to students from all disciplines
  • Taught by the Grants Development Director since 1993
  • Contact for class syllabus

6. Conducting research involving human subjects?

  • Our office coordinates the approval process for human subjects review for faculty, staff, and/or student research
  • Visit the IRB web page at for information

Questions? Contact Jules Oyer, Grants Development Program Coordinator at; 585-395-5118 or Kim Remley at at 585-395-2523.

Other Student Grants On Campus Not Administered Through Our Office

7. Brockport Foundation Summer Undergraduate Research Internship

  • Administered through the Institute for Engaged Learning
  • The summer research internship supports ongoing scholarly and creative activities and enhances the opportunity for undergraduate students to be actively engaged as partners in the discovery process with a faculty mentor. Funding from the Brockport College Foundation provides student stipends and/or housing. The program fosters a community of scholars during the summer.
  • The summer research experience is open to undergraduate students across all disciplines
  • Two types of awards are given: 1. Paid internship with housing OR 2. Housing only for students whose stipends are funded by other programs (including the McNair Summer Research program).
  • Support is provided for a maximum of 8 weeks between the preferred dates of May 27 and July 25. The length of the internship is based on the nature of the mentor’s research
  • Students are housed in one wing of a residence hall in an effort to encourage a community atmosphere. To be eligible for a stipend you must be in residence on campus during the internship. An exception will be made if the student has access to local housing or the research project requires work at a remote location.
  • Applications will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary committee of faculty and staff appointed by the Institute for Engaged Learning
  • Awards are made on the basis of the merit of the written proposal and relevance to the applicant’s discipline
  • Deadline will be in February 2015 – exact date to be announced
  • Undergraduate Research

8. Promoting Excellence in Diversity

  • The mission and purpose of the grant is to support proposals from faculty, staff and students for scholarly and artistic events that will have an impact on our mission, curriculum, faculty and staff development, students and the teaching and learning environment at the College
  • Programs receiving PED awards must meet the following goals:
    • Provide a major forum for intellectual activities that will engage our College and community in dialog about the issues of diversity in global societies.
    • Affirm the College’s commitment to preparing our students for leadership in a world of diverse people and interests.
    • Promote our campus as a community of respect and tolerance for differences based upon knowledge and shared experiences
  • Priority for funding is given to:
    • New initiatives that have not previously received PED support
    • Co-sponsored events that have written commitments of financial support in any amount from other groups on campus (copies of commitment letters are required)
    • Events seeking matching funds
    • Events open to the campus community and held at a College at Brockport facility. The maximum award through this program is $1,500. Smaller requests are encouraged.
  • Deadlines for 2014 -15 are: September 26, 2014; October 24, 2014; February 20, 2015; April 3, 2015
  • Online application form and successful proposals can be found at: