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  • Space Allocation / Renovation Requests

The following types of space assignment require completion of a Space Allocation Request, approved by the appropriate Department Head/Director, Facilities & Planning, Facilities Planning Committee, Dean, and Vice President:

  • Reassignment of space between Schools/Divisions.
  • Request for additional space.
  • Conversion of assigned space, requiring remodeling, to other uses.

The Office of Facilities & Planning will study each request before making a recommendation to the Facilities Planning Committee. Elements of the study may include:

  • Meetings with the requesting unit to further define the need.
  • Evaluation of current utilization of requesting unit's space.
  • Comparison of projected space to current standards/guidelines.
  • Consultation with Facilities & Planning staff to determine suitability of available space.

Space Allocation Request Form

As we work to improve the system for submitting online request forms, we are asking that requesters complete and submit (by hard copy or scan) the form, including instructions, at this link:






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