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Facilities and Planning

Heating and Cooling Guidelines

Executive Order No. 111 (EO 111), dated June 10, 2001, requires the state to reduce its energy consumption by 35 percent in its buildings and facilities by the year 2010. Our role in achieving this objective is to adhere to the energy guidelines published by the state.

    The state guidelines require interior spaces to be heated to a temperature that is no warmer than 68 degrees F. Approved campus guidelines are 66-68 degrees F.

    Hot-water temperatures at the faucets and showers should be no greater than 105 degrees F.

Special rooms such as animal labs, scientifically critical areas, data-processing equipment rooms or 24-hour operations may require different temperature parameters.

These policies are deemed essential in order to comply with EO 111 and to live within our budgeted utility allocations. Your understanding, assistance and cooperation in these efforts is greatly appreciated, and will have a direct impact on our venture to be a SUNY leader in energy conservation.

Comfort cooling guidelines require air conditioned spaces to be cooled to a temperature that is no lower than 78 degrees F. All air conditioning and ventilation equipment should also be shut off on weekends, holidays, and all other unoccupied periods except for data processing installations and other scientifically critical or 24-hour operations. These measures will be determining factors in our ability to live within our yearly target allocation for electrical consumption.

    For campus buildings served entirely by a central air conditioning system, the air conditioning units will be activated if the building temperature is 73 degrees F and the outside air temperature is 78 degrees F or higher. Air conditioning units will not be activated when the building temperature is less than 78 degrees F. This policy effectively applies to Allen/Drake, Edwards, Tuttle North and the Seymour College Union. Central fans and air handling equipment will be operated when room temperatures are greater than 68 degrees F in order to provide ventilation.

    For buildings served partially by a central air conditioning system, such as Tower Fine Arts Theater and the New York Room in Cooper, the central cooling system will be turned on for scheduled events and comply with the above parameters. Other spaces within these buildings will be ventilated with central fans and air handling equipment when room temperatures are greater than 68 degrees F.

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