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Facilities and Planning

Facilities & Planning Outages Listserv

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Sign Requests

  • For further information and a rough price list please visit sign shop page.   
  • This form must be completed to process signs.
  • Please contact Laura Standish, Facilities and Planning Service Center, with any questions/concerns regarding sign orders.

Vehicle Requests (pdf format)

  • This form must be completed to schedule any fleet vehicles such as a sedan, minivan, or 15-passenger van.
  • Please read the Vehicle Request Procedures prior to completing form.
  • All vans require a LENS check.  Must complete LENS Request Form. Requirements explained in Vehicle Request Procedures.
  • Please print out the following General Information - Driver's Responsibilities.
  • Current Fleet Vehicle Rental Rates.
  • After completion of Vehicle Request Form, please deliver/mail to Facilities and Planning Service Center, located in Commissary Building F3.
  • Departments are responsible for payment of all reservations.  If a reservation is cancelled with Facilities and Planning at 395-2408, prior to the scheduled departure, the charges are waived.

Key Requests

  • To look closely at the key policy, please click here: key control policy.
  • This form must be completed to process keys. After completion of form, please deliver to Lock Shop, Facilities and Planning Office.
  • After keys are processed, the person requesting keys must pick their keys up in person at the Facilities and Planning Service Center, located in Commissary Building F3.
  • Please note that proper ID will be required during pick up.

Lost Key Form

  • This form must be completed if you have lost your keys.
  • Form must be signed by University Police as well as your department head/chair or director.
  • Please submit completed form to Facilities and Planning Attn: Locksmith via mail or fax (395-2502).
  • If replacement keys are needed, you must submit a new key request form as well.

Space Change Request Form (new process)

  • This form is used to request the reassignment of campus space from one unit to another.
  • Identify the administrators that oversee both the current and proposed occupants of the space so that Facilities and Planning can facilitate approval process
  • Completed form must be emailed as an attachment to