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Facilities and Planning

Larry Brien

Supervising Janitor

Office Hours 5:00am - 1:30pm

Phone (585) 395-2386

Fax (585) 395-2502


Buildings Covered by Crew

Cooper, Dailey, Drake, Hartwell, Holmes, Lathrop

Morgan, Neff, SERC, Tower Fine Arts


Ginny Arsenault, Cynthia Karls, Johnny McMillion, Stephen Miller


Mary Brandenburg, James Clarke (3/4), Vickie Comden, Shirley Crews

Gary DeLaura, Natalie Farr, Ron Fluviot, Gary Frye

Alicia McGuire, Linda Meier, Gina Nicholson, Dian Robak

Tracy Ross, Julia Saddler, Holly Sheffield, Deb Walls, Elton Wilson

Cleaners (Temp)

Scott Derry (FT)



Updated: May 2014


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