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Financial Aid Required Applications

How do I apply?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step to determine eligibility for federal and state financial aid programs. You are encouraged to file your FAFSA electronically at

Instructions for filing the FAFSA on the Internet

What is a FSA ID?

The FSA ID is your identifier to let you access your personal information in various U.S. Department of Education systems and serves as your electronic signature.
To apply for your FSA ID, click here: FSA ID

When do I apply?

The recommended deadline is March 15th for new or summer students and April 1st for returning students.
Any supplemental forms requested by our office should be submitted by May 1. Student applicants meeting this deadline should have their financial aid package prior to the admissions deposit deadline or before summer school begins. Applications or forms filed after these deadlines will continue to be processed on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted.

New York State Application for the Tuition Assistance Program:

If you are a New York state resident, you are eligible to file the TAP application if you listed a New York school on your FAFSA.
The application link is available after you submit the FAFSA. If you miss the link, you may either go to the TAP on the Web or wait for the application to be mailed.
The deadline for TAP is May 1 of the academic year for which aid is sought (Example: for 2009-2010, application deadline is May 1, 2010).

Proof of high school graduation requirement:

*Is required for all students wishing to receive federal or state financial aid.

*A final high school transcript showing date of graduation or a copy of a Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED) must be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as soon as possible to facilitate the financial aid process.

The following links have detailed explanations:

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Financial Aid Glossary

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Student Rights and Responsibilities



Brockport School Codes:

*Federal Code (FAFSA):

*New York State TAP Code - Undergraduate:

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