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Financial Aid Office
Mission & Goals


The Financial Aid Office at The College at Brockport assists potential students, current students, and their families in obtaining the necessary financial resources to attend The College at Brockport. This includes the proper financial advisement of students and their families, processing and facilitating the financial aid application process and providing sound strategies in budgeting, alternative aid sources and debt management both during and after college. The ultimate goal for the Financial Aid Office is to minimize the financial concerns of our students so that they may concentrate on and maximize their opportunities for success.


The Financial Aid Office assists the public with all aspects of financing a college education, including:

  • Providing adequate financial assistance and resources to eligible students
  • Advising students and families on the availability of financial aid
  • Assisting students and families in the completion of financial aid forms and other required documents
  • Processing financial aid in compliance with federal and state regulations
  • Providing information to customers regarding budgeting, alternative aid sources and debt management
  • Supporting admissions and retention activities as they relate to student aid, including but not limited to, participation in College Nights, Orientation, and on-campus meetings
  • Providing information and training to our students to enable them to become financially responsible

2010-2011 GOALS

Co-Curricular Programming & Supportive Services

  • Establish first contact with incoming Veterans
  • To increase the financial aid knowledge of our students via improvements in the FA website
  • Reorganize and implement a more efficient SUNY Financial Aid Day to better educate prospective students and families
  • Increase the access of Metro Center students to the services provided by the Financial Aid Office
  • Improve the overall  knowledge and understanding of the financial aid processes by financial aid staff members
  • Implement a Financial Literacy Program for freshman students


Co-Curricular Programming & Supportive Services

  • Improve outreach to the campus community:
  • Student employee centered outreach
  • Create a My Brockport link
  • Advertise on BTV & Office TV
  • Increase financial aid staff presentations and workshops
  • Further the development of financial aid staff through continued training (add to performance program and put in evaluations)
  • Peer Resume building w/assistance from Career Services
  • Increase student participation and level of comprehension at Financial Literacy Programs
  • Send electronic award letters to all students
  • Continue to implement the new Program Integrity & SAP regulations
  • Reduce customer wait time on Financial Aid Office telephones


Brockport School Codes:

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*New York State TAP Code - Undergraduate:

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