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Brockport/ First Year / Peer Mentoring Program

Peer Mentoring Program

The Peer Mentoring program at The College at Brockport matches entering freshmen with experienced and trained student mentors. Beginning in the summer prior to a freshman's first semester, mentors contact their mentees and are happy to share their college experiences and answer basic questions via e-mail and ANGEL (our campus course management system).

Incoming freshmen meet their mentors at an Academic Planning Seminar class during Welcome Week. Led by their mentor, first year students participate in a class activity inspired by our Freshman Summer Reading Book. 

Meet your Fall 2014 Peer Mentors!

 Adam Farrands

Name: Adam Farrands

Major: History

 Alexis Evershed

Name: Alexis Evershed

Major: Exercise Physiology 

Allyson Burkhart

Name: Allyson Burkhart 

Major: Biology


 Allyson Hildreth

Name: Allyson Hildreth 

Major: Exercise Science

 Alyssa Weingart

Name: Alyssa Weingart

Major: English


 Amber Blidy

Name: Amber Blidy 

Major: Biology


 Andrew Troup

Name: Andrew Troup

Major: Criminal Justice

 Angel Schmidt

Name: Angel Schmidt

Major: Crminal Justice

 Armando Martinez

Name: Armando Martinez

Major: Finance

 Brianna Wilder

Name: Brianna Wilder

Major: Accounting Intent

 Catlin Gesford

Name: Catlin Gesford 

Major: Dance

 Celcilia McCaffrey

Name: Cecilia McCaffrey

Major: Meteorology

 Christina Seger

Name: Christina Seger

Major: Biological Sciences

 Corey DePerno

Name: Corey DePerno

Major: Biochemistry

 Courtney Bristow

Name: Courtney Bristow 

Major: International Studies

 Daniel Schudel




Name: Daniel Schudel 

Major: Bussiness Administration



 Dominique Adams




Name: Dominique Adams 

Major: Geology


 Elaina Mancuso



Name: Elaina Mancuso 

Major: Health Science

 Erica Wolf

Name: Erica Wolf

Major: Nursing Intent 

 Gabby Branche

Name: Gabby Branche

Major: Nursing Intent

 Hope Striffler

Name: Hope Striffler

Major: English

 Jenna Slowik

Name: Jenna Slowik

Major: Psychology

 Jillian Reynolds

Name: Jillian Reynolds

Major: Meteorology

 Jospeh Yanulevich

Name: Joseph Yanulevich

Major: Marketing Intent

 Joshua Roman

Name: Joshua Roman 

Major: Enviornmental Science

 Julia Hiltz

Name: Julia Hiltz

Major: Health Science, Certification Intent

 Kelly Kuehn

Name: Kelly Kuehn

Major: Journalism & Broadcasting

 Kenny Beck

Name: Kenny Beck 

Major: Communication

 Kristen Fluhler

Name: Kristen Fluhler

Major: English

 Libby Maffet

Name: Libby Maffet 

Major: Health Science, Physical Ed Teacher Certification

 Madison Hornung

Name: Madison Hornung

Major: Physical Education Teacher Certification

 Maggie Huntoon

Name: Maggie Huntoon 

Major: Social Work

 Max DeNora

Name: Max DeNora 

Major: Biological Sciences

 Meghan Brown

Name: Meghan Brown 

Major: Interdisciplinary Arts, Certification Intent

 Michele Huck

Name: Michele Huck 

Major: Anthropology

 Michelle Hatch

Name: Michelle Hatch 

Major: Anthropology

 Nicole Fanelli

Name: Nicole Fanelli

Major: Nursing Intent

 Nikole Vanwie

Name: Nikole Vanwie

Major: Biological Sciences

 Penny Glena

Name: Penny Glena

Major: Social Work Intent

 Rachel Woltz

Name: Rachel Woltz

Major: Interdisciplinary Arts

 Rebecca Piendel

Name: Rebecca Piendel

Major: Nursing Intent

 Rokia Gittens

Name: Rokia Gittens

Major: Nursing

 Sarah Pulver

Name: Sarah Pulver

Major: Communication

 Sarah Winzenreid

Name: Sarah Winzenried

Major: English


Name: Alex Silva

Major: Environmental Science

 Sierra Sales

Name: Sierra Sales

Major: Psychology

 Tyanda Taylor

Name: Tyanda Taylor

Major: Biological Sciences


Name: Katelynn Swantak

Major: Kinesiology


Name: Shoshana Fox

Major: International Bussiness Intent


Name: Kim Guevara-Garabito

Major: Health Science

Last Updated 4/21/15