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2012 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

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A Program Improvement Project at a VA MHRRTP: Relationships between Treatments for Pain (medications, individual therapy, and group therapy), Change in Pain Ratings, and Risk and Protective Factors for Substance Use.

OBJECTIVES- The purpose of this research/program improvement project was to determine the functional relationships between various treatments for pain in a VA (Department of Veteran Affairs) MHRRTP (Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program) by examining the effects of three pain treatments on a variety of outcomes and measures, and to subsequently inform program development. METHODOLOGY- Data from 30-40 MHRRTP client records were abstracted to form three continuous independent variables: pharmacotherapy, individual psychotherapy for pain and group counseling for pain. This study examined the relationship between the stated independent variables and four dependent variables: changes in pain level ratings, and three variable components of the brief addiction monitors assessment (substance use, risk factors for relapse to substance abuse, protective factors for sobriety). RESEARCH DESIGN- Canonical correlation was used to examine correlated structures between multiple independent and multiple dependent variables, to determine the magnitude of impact the various independent variables have on the various dependent variables, as well as the role each of the independent variables play within the context of the other IVs.

Presenter: jesse williams (The College at Brockport SUNY) --
Topic: Counseling Education - Panel
Location: 120 Hartwell
Time: 9:15 am (Session I)