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2012 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

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Implementation of Alternative Delivery of Annual Training at the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility

The major purpose of the research project was to determine if contract correction officers at the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility feel they are receiving adequate refresher training by the best methods possible. This was based on the alternate hypothesis that individuals learn in a variety of styles; therefore training should incorporate multiple designs to accompany those styles. The current format of training is a week-long, instructor-led classroom approach. After a thorough literature review, a survey was created based upon Gardnerís Multiple Intelligence Theory and given to a subset of the population of employees at the facility. Learning styles and alternative types of training were gauged by the surveys, as well as interest levels in various alternative formats other than the classroom environment. Using the Likert scale, the findings corroborated the literature. Respondents agreed that changing the format to incorporate their individual learning styles would create a more proficient training environment to acquire the needed skillset; altering the design from one week to an ongoing year-long format was reinforced as well. Thus, the research supported the implementation of an alternative to annual training. Law enforcement is a career like no other; it is paramount that training meets the needs of the individual to ensure a safe and secure workplace.

Presenter: Sherry Hunter (Keuka College) --
Topic: Criminal Justice - Panel
Location: 215 Hartwell
Time: 10:50 am (Session II)