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2012 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

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Unsquare Dance: A Collaborative Performance

Live music and dance have complimented each other for centuries. However, since its advent choreographers have often turned to recorded music because of its convenience and relatively low cost. Fortuitously, this past October on Brockport’s campus several graduate choreographers and the Brockport Chamber Orchestra were afforded the chance to work together in order to produce the orchestra’s fall concert. This collaboration, organized by dance faculty Kevin Warner and conductor Jonathan Allentoff, lead to the fruitful creation of some beautiful pieces of art. One of those works, Unsquare Dance, highlights the joy and camaraderie experienced during a collaborative creative process. Amanda McCullum will address how live music informed the choreography. Unsquare Dance (composed by Dave Brubeck, arranged by Allentoff, and performed by Falon Baltzell) will be performed in order for audiences to revel in the full reciprocal relationship of live movement and music.

Presenter: Amanda McCullum (The College at Brockport) --
Topic: Dance - Performance
Location: Strasser Dance Studio-Hartwell
Time: 10:30 am (Session II)