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2012 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

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Factors Effecting Task Persistence in Elementary Children During Physical Education

Method Participants were 3rd and 4th grade males (n = 11) and females (n = 15) receiving instruction from their physical educator. Pre-task expectations were studied from one male and one female physical education teacher using a quasi experimental research design. Procedures included data collection during two task style teaching episodes while participants were introduced to a novel motor task and allowed to persist as long as they liked. Analysis/Results Data analysis found that females (X = 31.00, SD = 24.71) had higher TP scores than males (X = 14.72, SD = 8.03) during the study (t = -2.38, p < .05). Male and female students were rated the same by their teachers prior to data collection on TP (t = .33, p > 0.05). Further, analyses of FB and TP did not yield significant (p > .05) gender interactions. Negative FB (rs = .49, p < .05), total positive FB (rs = .70, p < .05), and total FB (rs = .71, p < 0.01) all predicted persistence. Conclusions For these participants, male and female physical educators had similar expectations that were not mediated by gender of the child or teacher. Differences in TP between females and males were the result of three female participants who each had TP scores that were more than double any male's level of persistence in the study. Feedback and TP are important variables that may impact learning in physical education.

Presenter: Devon Starks (The College at Brockport) --
Topic: Health - Poster Session
Location: Edwards Hall Lobby
Time: 9 am (Session I)