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2012 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

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Parentís Level of Comfort in Engaging in Sexuality Communication

Introduction: Parent-Child sexuality communication is important for reproductive health and the prevention of adolescent sexual risk behaviors. Parents play an important role in their childrenís sexual risk-taking behaviors. The timing of communication as well as the content may be critical in determining whether an adolescent experiences unintended pregnancy or sexual transmitted diseases. It is essential for parents to talk to their children about sexuality to prevent sexual risky behaviors that have the potential to lead to negative consequences. The purpose of the study is to investigate parentís level of comfort in engaging in sexuality communication. Sexuality communication is defined as communication in relation to an adolescentís sexual behavior. Parent-child communication about sexuality can have an impact on childrenís sexual behavior. Method: The criteria to participate will be male and female parentís age ranges twenty five to fifty of school-aged children. The participants will be chosen using a snowball sample selection. Participants will be administered a ten to fifteen item survey. Participants will be chosen from a sample of convenience. A statistical analysis will be run as a means and standard deviation to collect a composite score. Results: The projected results after participants complete the survey is that mothers and fathers will be equally comfortable and likely to communicate with their sons. However, it is anticipated mothers are more likely to have a higher level of comfort when communicating with their daughters as compared to fathers. Conclusion: The collected data can be utilized for interventions and education for parents.

Presenter: Jacquie Snook (The College at Brockport) --
Topic: Health - Poster Session
Location: Edwards Hall Lobby
Time: 9 am (Session I)