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2012 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

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How Did Content of the Conference, Cutting Edge Perspectives: Sex Addiction, Trauma, and Treatment, Affect Conference Attendee’s Practice Behaviors?

According to Patrick Carnes, sexual addiction occurs when any sexual related compulsive behavior exists that interferes with a person’s daily life functioning. Mental health professionals are often at the forefront of treatment for individuals who struggle with an addiction. In order to be an effective practitioner, professionals must have a working knowledge of all aspects of a client’s needs. This paper is a program evaluation of Cutting Edge Perspectives: Sex Addiction, Trauma, and Treatment exploring the practice behavior changes made by practitioners after attending the conference. We hope that this evaluation will provide evidence that continuing education is important for professional growth. The University of Rochester: Office of Continuing Education created a survey evaluating the conference which was utilized for this program evaluation.

Presenters: Abigail Charles (SUNY Brockport and Nazareth College) --
Robin Gardner (SUNY Brockport and Nazareth College) --
Latrina Harrell (SUNY Brockport and Nazareth College) --
Katherine Romero (SUNY Brockport and Nazareth College) --
Topic: Social Work - Poster Session
Location: Edwards Hall Lobby
Time: 9 am (Session I)