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2012 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

Session I - Session II - Session III - Session IV

Dance Discoveries: One Choreographer's Journey

This lecture demonstration presents an on-going investigation of the application of Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) to movement creation and choreography. The research asks whether original movement maintains a unique choreographic voice when general LMA concepts are utilized in an effort to present a fresh perspective. This session will include a discussion of the specific qualities of effort, shape, and space as articulated through LMA, followed by a performance of movement material in its original format and with these three elements applied. This choreographic exploration looks to Laban Movement Analysis for an answer to dance making that proves surprising and unexpected, while adhering to clarity of intent and personal uniqueness.

Presenter: Elizabeth Osborn (Brockport) --
Topic: Dance - Lecture/Performance
Location: Strasser Dance Studio-Hartwell
Time: 2:05 pm (Session III)