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2012 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

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Graduate Student Living Not Just a Service

College residential programs are linked to student retention and success. Students that select to live on campus are provided many opportunities to become involved. These chances provide students more intentional moments to engage in learning and development outside the classroom. A review of historical backgrounds and current research was conducted and indicated this population has a tendency to be overlooked and underserved. Attrition numbers for students pursuing advanced degrees remain high, and the pressure for college programs to increase student retention is growing. This creates a need to examine student support services and the role they play in supporting postbaccalaureate student populations. Housing programs for Graduate and Professional students provide a setting that could continue to offer support for student learning and development at a different level. Examining assessment results of two graduate housing programs provides insight on the role community development and programming can play in relation to student learning outcomes in the graduate setting.

Presenter: Michael Yates (Buffalo State College) --
Topic: Education II - Panel
Location: 102 Edwards
Time: 3:35 pm (Session IV)