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2013 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

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Effects of Parent Training for Children with Behavioral Difficulties

Research shows that an increasing number of children are experiencing conduct and oppositional behaviors. Since these behaviors can have a large impact on the child themselves and the parents, this evidence-based project examines specific parental training programs to manage these behavioral difficulties. It is important to determine the effectiveness of parenting programs so that therapists are able to provide evidence based interventions to the parents of the children. If parents have evidence of the effectiveness of the programs, they may be more apt to complete and follow through with the program. Within the studies found in our evidence-based research, results showed that those who participated in parent training developed an increase in self-efficacy and positive parenting skills and a decrease in depression and stress. These parents also reported decreased problem behaviors for their children and an improved child-parent relationship. As occupational therapists, it is our role to both treat the child and educate the families to help enhance the child and familyís quality of life. As seen through the extensive literature review, there is significant evidence to support the therapistís involvement in parenting programs by providing key strategies to the parents in order to improve their childrenís behaviors. The therapistís involvement promotes significant and reliable change in both the childís behavior and familyís functioning.

Presenters: Emily Conrad (Keuka College) --
Alecia Steeves (Keuka College) --
Topic: Occupational Therapy - Panel
Location: 218 Hartwell
Time: 9 am (Session I)