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2013 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

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The Future of Alternative Energy for Small Businesses

Research Topic: Small businesses using Alternate Energy as a source of power Introduction: We will focus on a small company in Ontario, NY, Harbec Plastics, and how they have implemented the use of alternate sources of energy to power their plant. For instance they have built two wind powered turbines outside their plant and their use of hydroelectric power. Harbec Plastics manufactures prototypes, highly-toleranced tooling, machined components, and injection molded parts with a great respect for the environment and implementation of alternative energy. Main Focus for research: We want to determine what made Harbec so successful and why they decided to choose to use alternative energy and if that had a direct result to their success. Many businesses are going green and taking advantage of wind, solar, and water energy as means of powering their businesses. We also want to determine what type of strategic planning Harbec used to determine to focus on alternative energy, specifically wind turbines and water reservoirs. Research Methods: We will conduct interviews on the phone and in person with members of Harbec management to determine what methods were used to be a successful business. The questions we will ask will focus on Harbecs management decision making, their mission and vision, their business model, and why they chose to “go green” and use alternated sources of energy. Results: We hope to get a better understanding on the use of alternative energy in small businesses and if more local small businesses are going to this trend. The results garnered from this research project will show how management works together to develop a strategy that will make a company more profitable with a distinct competitive advantage, based their environmentally friendly business strategy.

Presenters: Tim Schultz (Alfred University) --
Justin Shardlow (Alfred University) --
Topic: Business - Panel
Location: 127 Hartwell
Time: 1:45 pm (Session III)