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2013 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

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Proposal for Research for the Feasibility of Implementing a “Green Energy” Initiative for Naples, NY

Introduction Mr. Brian Schenk and fellow Colleague Mr. Frank Duserick of Naples, NY have recently developed an interest in the feasibility of constructing a solar array to benefit the town/village of Naples, NY. The general plan to strategically implement this potential project can only be carried out with thorough research. A solar array of this magnitude, that not only supplies energy to municipal, government, and school buildings but also could generate potential profit, is not commonly carried out in the United States of America in modern society. Our hopes are to investigate the processes that would make up this new project, as well as find sources of funding, and seek the legalities that need to be met to carry it out. The purpose of this research has many positive alternatives and outcomes. Specifically the results could be as follows: • Simply stated=this solar array will benefit the entire town/village of Naples, NY in the daily functional activities of necessary businesses. • The trickle-down effect may result in the benefit of the entire population receiving electricity being provided to residents for a cheaper rate. • If implemented a step further, profit could be generated that goes back to help the community. • This process could also set a new precedent in the “green energy” movement. Self-sustainable energy projects of this nature could start a trend in this movement. Proposed Approach In conducting our research we will have three primary focuses: looking into all overall costs, laws and regulations that must be abided by, and location and construction for optimal operation. The research process for each focus will be similar. Personal interviews will be conducted with engineering companies, construction companies, the mayor of Naples, the town grant maker, and some community members. This will help generate cost figures, project perception, and logistics of the entire project. Past studies and projects, surveying the land and researching laws and general guidelines the town has to abide by will also provide critical feedback. That information can be acquired by attaining published works and researching through the Internet. Other recommended published works may also be observed on the topic.

Presenters: Andrew Dean (Alfred University) --
Eric Rockwood (Alfred University) --
Topic: Business - Panel
Location: 127 Hartwell
Time: 2 pm (Session III)