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2013 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

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An Analysis of Transferable Development Rights: The Role of Scale and Region in Program Management

Transferable Development Rights (TDR) programs are a type of land use policy tool that can be used to accomplish a variety of outcomes. By separating the development rights from the bundle of property rights for a piece of property, TDR programs create markets that allow for the buying and selling of development rights. These purchased rights can then be transferred to other properties and used to increase development in one area while preserving land in others. This presentation analyzes how scale and region affect a transferable development rights program's ability to preserve acres. By looking at the city/town and regional scales and the East and West Coasts of the U.S., this presentation seeks to determine whether program management at one scale or region has preserved more acres than the other. Recognizing which characteristics tend to preserve more acres will help policymakers and city planners interested in utilizing this type of policy tool create programs that perform effectively and efficiently.

Presenter: Meghan Peters (SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry) --
Topic: Environmental Science & Resource Management - Panel
Location: 217 Hartwell
Time: 9:30 am (Session I)