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2013 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

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Tracking People’s Movements by RFID Implants

Assume it is 2050. There is no place and time which cannot be tracked. There is nothing that anybody can hide. Everything has an identity number in a central database in United States and it is connected to internet. Spatial relationship of objects can be measured. It is real time city where anything can be tracked. It is obvious that one is sitting on a chair, the chair is in a room and the room is located on the thirtieth floor of a skyscraper in Manhattan. Rolex Company wants to measure the density of its watches which has been bought by customers in Brooklyn. They want to be more specific and find the percentage of Asian people who have their watches on their hand at this moment in Brooklyn. They narrow down their scope and apply apartment price to this measurement. Now Rolex can make decision about its new employee who is going to be employed in that area. According to previous researches the new staff must be a female and be aware of Chinese culture. She has to be a little conservative because Rolex has found the majority of its customers in that area are rich Chinese people who are so conservative. This science fiction story will be feasible if the identity of everything can be scanned at any time. That identity can be a code which comes with goods and people from the first day of their lives. Newborn babies will not be brought out of hospitals without identity code. New goods and products will not be accepted by sellers. Nowadays it is happening. Babies have identity code and goods have bar code. The question is how these codes can be alive and be used in a real time city. In this article the nature of these controversial codes will be discussed and some examples of their application in transportation planning and urban planning will be mentioned.

Presenter: seyed saeid saadatmand (University at Buffalo) --
Topic: Criminal Justice & Urban Planning - Panel
Location: 125 Hartwell
Time: 10:45 am (Session II)