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2013 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

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The Impact of Economic Performance on College Enrollment

The purpose of this research is to examine the potential impact of the most recent recession on enrollment in higher education institutions. This paper theorizes that there has been an increase in university attendance since the beginning of the recession in December of 2007. The argument is that the poor economy has resulted in enhanced competition for jobs; therefore, individuals seek higher education to make them more attractive to prospective employers. The goal of the paper is to support that university enrollment has increased, partially due to an increasingly competitive job market. Research will consist of an analysis of statistics for unemployment and higher education enrollment in the United States as a whole. A case study on enrollment at a regional university, since the recession began, is also a method of research. Enrollment statistics for the university as a whole, and more specifically for the MBA program, will be collected for the case study research. Surveys and interviews with students will be used to better shed light on their decision to continue their education, not only at a two- or four-year institution, but through graduate school. Previous research on the topic will serve as a source of support in the argument as well.

Presenters: Jillian VanEtten (Alfred University) --
Katie Wratten (Alfred University) --
Topic: Business & Marketing - Panel
Location: 120 Hartwell
Time: 9:15 am (Session I)