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2013 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

Session I - Session II - Session III

Group Differences in Balance Between Individuals with and Without Intellectual Disabilities Following a Progressive Overload Powerlifting Program

This presentation is a graduate thesis on Group differences in balance between individuals with and without intellectual disabilities following a progressive overload powerlifting program. Adults with intellectual disabilities have higher incidence of falls with some estimates placing fall risks at 34 %. This value is consistent with older adults from the general population and supports the notion that adults with intellectual disabilities age faster than the general population (Cox, Stancliffe, Durvasula, & Sherrington, 2010). This study attempts to show that when a group of individuals with intellectual disabilities and a group of typically developing individuals participate in an 8 week powerlifting program, balance will also improve from pretest to posttest.

Presenter: Thomas Rispoli (The College at Brockport) --
Topic: Special & Adapted Physical Education - Panel
Location: 33 Hartwell
Time: 2:15 pm (Session III)