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2013 Master's Level Graduate Research Conference

Session I - Session II - Session III

Boko Haram - Media Representation and the Manufacturing of Consent

The media is responsible for disseminating information and opinion building across political space. People rely on the news to inform them on events in the North, South, East or West. The power of the media and its influence in representation cannot be overempahsized. This talk focuses on media discourse in Nigeria and takes a sociolinguistic approach to deconstructing selected linguistic expressions found in online and print media and the ways these influence the Nigerian audience. We show that some of the lexical items, expressions, semanic load and syntactic coolocations influence negative sterotypes and generalizing archetypes in youths and adults who consume these media. This presentation holds consequence for the social values of representation as well as enabling recognition of lexical choices as focal to society.

Presenter: Ayobola Raji (New York University) --
Topic: Communication - Panel
Location: 218 Hartwell
Time: 11:15 am (Session II)