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Brockport / Graduate School / Admission / Instructions / Application Instructions - Department of Social Work

Application Instructions - Department of Social Work

The Greater Rochester Collaborative Master of Social Work Program utilizes an online application for graduate admission. Please read the application instructions below and use the checklist as a guide.

Degrees Offered: Master of Social Work (MSW)

Family & Community Practice, MSW
Interdisciplinary Health, MSW
Gerontology, Advanced Certificate

Department Contact:
Mr. Brad Snyder
(585) 395-8452

Application Deadlines:

  • Full-time programs

    •  The College at Brockport MetroCenter, Rochester, NY
      • January 15: 36-credit Advanced Standing Program (full-time, summer admission only)
      • January 15: 60-credit Program (full-time, fall admission only)

    Part-time programs - Fall Admission

    • The College at Brockport MetroCenter, Rochester, NY
      • March 15: 36-credit Advanced Standing Program (part-time, fall admission)
      • March 15: 60-credit Program (part-time, fall admission)
    • Cayuga CC University Center, Auburn, NY
      • Deadline Extended - June 15, 2016: 36-credit Advanced Standing Program (part-time, fall 2016 admission)
      • March 15, 2017: 60-credit Program (part-time, fall 2017 admission)
    • Jefferson CC Higher Education Center, Watertown, NY
      • Deadline Extended - June 15, 2016: 60-credit Program (part-time, fall 2016 admission)
      • March 15, 2017: 36-credit Advanced Standing Program (part-time, fall 2017 admission)

Please note: Applications received after the published deadlines will be reviewed on a space-available basis.
** International applicants may apply for fall or spring admission (summer admission not an option)

Part I: Complete and submit the online application along with a non refundable processing fee of $50 (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) at

Part II materials: We strongly suggest that you submit all items as quickly as possible to ensure timely review of your application.

  • Please electronically submit the following documents:
    1. Three Letters of Reference: (Please note: We do not accept placement or credential files.)
      Please read the submission of Letters of Reference procedure.
      1. Letter of Reference I
      2. Letter of Reference II
      3. Letter of Reference III
    2. Statement of Objectives (Personal Statement): In a well developed essay of no more than a 1000 words please provide a personal statement in which you clearly discuss your understanding of the profession of social work and include the following:
      1. Clearly put forth your personal and professional goals in undertaking the MSW degree and a clear rationale for pursuing an MSW.
      2. Articulate your personal and professional readiness to undertake graduate social work education at this time, including your academic preparation, your relevant work history, your level of self-awareness and maturity, and any other relevant information.
      3. A discussion of your personal qualifications as they relate to the profession of social work, including concern for the needs of others, sensitivity and relationship skills, respect for diversity, good judgement, creativity, and integrity.
      4. Clearly articulate why the Greater Rochester MSW Program is the most appropriate program for you and how it will help you achieve your professional goals.
      Please note that your personal statement is evaluated based on the quality of discussion of each of the above points. We suggest you use Microsoft Word or similar software to create your Statement of Objectives and upload it on the Statement of Objectives page.
    3. Social Issue Discussion: In a well-developed essay of no more than 1000 words please submit a discussion of a current social issue reflecting your interest in social work using the guidelines below. Include the following:
      1. A succinct description of a social issue that interests you as you contemplate graduate school in social work.
      2. The impact of this social issue on various social systems: individuals, families, and communities.
      3. Values and ethics that might guide social work interventions in this issue.
      4. Why this social issue is important to you as a future social worker.
      5. An analysis of your capacity to engage in professional self-awareness including the personal challenges this social issue presents for you in becoming a professional social worker.
      Please note that your social issue discussion is evaluated based on the quality of discussion each each of the above points. We suggest you use Microsoft Word or similar software to create your Statement of Objectives and upload it on the Social Issue Narrative page.
  • Please mail one official transcript from each and every college or university you have ever attended in a sealed envelope, even if you did not earn a degree there, regardless of perceived relevance of the course work to your current career goals, or the length of time that has passed since you attended. (Transcripts must also be obtained from each and every college or university ever attended regardless of whether or not credits earned were later transferred elsewhere). Please instruct each institution to send the transcript directly to The Graduate School via postal mail or electronically via an e-script service such as Scrip Safe. (Please note: The College at Brockport graduates are not required to submit transcripts of their work at The College at Brockport. In addition, if you were already admitted to The College at Brockport as a non-degree student, you do not need to resubmit the transcript(s) you already provided as part of that process.)
    Note: Your official transcript(s) should reflect a strong liberal arts perspective. The following 24 credits are required with a grade of C- or better:
    1. One (3 credit) statistics course;
    2. One (3 credit) introductory psychology course;
    3. One (3 credit ) introductory sociology course;
    4. One (3 credit) human biology (or anatomy & physiology) course (NO lab required);
    5. One (3 credit) humanities course;
    6. Three additional (3 credit) courses distributed among the social/behavioral sciences, mathematical and physical sciences, and humanities
    This will be verified by the program prior to offering admission.

    Mail your transcripts to:
    The College at Brockport
    The Graduate School - Morgan Hall
    350 New Campus Dr.
    Brockport, NY 14420

    Send e-script to:

  • Once admitted, you are required to submit a copy of field instruction placement evaluation (For Advanced Standing applicants only).

Part III materials - International applicants:

  • In addition to completing Part I and Part II, international applicants are required to submit additional documents as part of the application process. Click on the following link for a complete list of those documents and related instructions: International Part III materials.

We look forward to receiving your application!
If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our office.

Last Updated 3/15/16