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Admissions Information

36-Credit Advanced Standing

Students who have graduated within the past eight years from a CSWE-accredited Baccalaureate in Social Work Program (BSW) are eligible to apply for admission to the MSW Advanced Standing Program and have a 3.0 in social work courses.
Completion of a BSW is not a guarantee of Advanced-Standing status. Applications are carefully reviewed to determine that they are prepared for rigorous graduate study and advanced professional practice.

60-Credit Program

Completion of a baccalaureate from an accredited institution with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0, those with a lower cumulative GPA may apply but GPA factors heavily in admission decisions.
Applicants must have a minimum 60 credits in the Liberal Arts.  Please note that certain courses are required.  Prerequisite course work will be considered with a grade of “C-” or higher. All information will be verified in your transcripts upon acceptance into the program by the admissions chair.

12 credits of the 60 required Liberal Arts credits must include the following courses below:  

  • 3 credit Statistics
  • 3 credit Human Biology, Anatomy or Physiology-(NO lab required)
  • 3 credit Intro to Psychology (CLEP Exam score above 50)
  • 3 credit Intro to Sociology (CLEP Exam score of above50)

3 Credits Humanities and a distribution of 9 additional credits from the following:
Social/behavioral sciences: anthropology, economics, political science, geography, women’s studies, ethnographic studies, archeology, or interdisciplinary social science (but not additional sociology or psychology courses).
Humanities: philosophy, religion, English or foreign literature, history (in any subject area), fine arts (non-skills course), and interdisciplinary humanities courses.
Mathematical and physical sciences: biology (not the same course work submitted for the human biology prerequisite), physics, geology, earth science, chemistry, mathematics (algebra or higher, not the same course work submitted for Statistics), or computer science (not word processing or graphic design).  
Please note: The above pre-requisites are not required to apply. If accepted, pre-requisites will need to be completed upon matriculation or in conjunction with MSW course.
The GRCMSW Program does not grant social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience.

Academic Standards

  • Students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 to obtain their MSW degree.
  • Students earning a grade point average of less than 3.0 are placed on academic warning and then are limited to a maximum of 6 credit hours of course work in a subsequent term.
    • Students may be on warning for two semesters; earning a grade point average of less than 3.0 for a third semester will be cause for dismissal from the MSW Program.
    • Please note that probation status is accumulated throughout a student’s degree program. No more than two C grades (C or C+) in graduate level work earned to fulfill MSW degree requirements will be counted as part of the degree program. A student receiving a third C grade will be required to retake one of the courses. The course to be retaken will be determined in consultation with the MSW faculty advisor.
Conditionally accepted students with a GPA below 3.0, must receive a 3.0 for the first semester.