DanielleArmentano '13

Finding the right fit for Danielle Armentano met changing majors. Originally entering The College at Brockport as a Business Administration major, Danielle soon realized that her passion and interest was in communications. Making this move “was the best change” Danielle ever made.  And, Danielle was not alone in her transition. She credits Dr. Joe Chesebro has being an important and engaging influence once she transferred into the communications program. “He always goes above and beyond for not just me, but any of his students. He cares, and not just about what classes you’re taking, but about you as a person”, says Danielle.

And it’s not just Dr. Chesebro who makes the Brockport experience what it is. Brockport’s nationally recognized faculty members who are experts in their field of study are passionate teachers and mentors to students. Danielle found this to be the case in her public speaking class where she was challenged to move beyond her comfort zone and grow as a public speaker. With professors who continually challenge Danielle, she is in a constant state of learning.

Having an opportunity to participate in an internship has guided Danielle in choosing a career path after graduation. After being awarded a Student Ambassador internship within the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Danielle started doing research in the field of Higher Education. Previously active in open houses and orientations, it was during her internship that she realized her full passion for higher education.  She looks forward to graduating with “loads of experience and the eagerness to become more involved in this field” once she enters the work force. Her Admissions internship wasn’t her only opportunity to gain real world experience. She also participated in an off-campus internship that allowed her the opportunity to create and implement programs within a senior living facility that impacted the residents on a daily basis.

The College at Brockport gave Danielle the college town experience she was looking for when she left her hometown of Jasper-Troupsburg, NY. She credits Brockport as being “small enough that I feel safe yet large enough to still find fun things to do. Our campus is home to so many different cultures that it in itself in an experience.”

Having mentors who are vested in her success, internship opportunities and a vibrant campus experience made Brockport the perfect match for Danielle. She will “look back in 20 years and know that Brockport is where I discovered what I am meant to do with my life. Brockport taught me more than just course work; I’ve learned life lessons that I will never forget.”

Danielle Armentano