ElizabethHeavey, PhD, RN, CNM

Dr. Elizabeth Heavey brings both passion and high expectations to the Nursing program. She engages students in her research, listens to their input and at the end of the day, is proud of the nurses they become. “We are producing nurses you can trust with your loved ones. When I encounter a nurse trained at Brockport, I know my child is safe in his or her care.”

Dr. Heavey is passionate about the promise of technology to make nursing education more accessible. She has become a campus leader in developing hybrid and online classes that promote student engagement and improve access for student in remote areas. She is also passionate about her students, whether it’s helping them master a challenging statistics course, guiding them through non-hospital based clinical experience or including them in research projects like her study on the effect of parvovirus B19 on pregnancy.

Elizabeth Heavey