LauraClark '13

Laura Clark earned her bachelors degree in Brockport—and in China and Italy and Greece and Chile. That was before winning a prestigious Fulbright Award that sent her to Spain. “Studying abroad taught me that education needs to occur both inside and outside of a classroom,” Laura says. “It made me a leader. It helped me develop a determination to succeed in any situation.”

In Chile, Laura interned at a therapeutic community for women with drug addictions as part of her Women and Gender Studies major. She visited China to help its recovery from a major earthquake. And she visited Italy and Greece as part of a trip with Brockport’s Delta College. Brockport’s robust International Education program is designed to similarly enrich the educational experiences of all participants. It also provides students with a global view that is critical in today’s increasingly interdependent world. Students can choose from more than 100 dynamic programs that are offered around the world.

Laura Clark