MattLuther '13

Matt Luther didn’t spend his summer bagging groceries. He spent it conducting research in a genetics laboratory as part of the Brockport Foundation’s Undergraduate Summer Research Internship Program. Researching the role of the Rad52 protein in nuclear and mitochondrial DNA regulation, Matt is preparing for the future. “It’s invaluable,” Matt said. “Hands-on learning is much more effective than sitting in a classroom learning off slides. I had the opportunity to work full-time doing something in my field; doing something that is definitely going to help me when I apply to medical schools.”

Undergraduate research at Brockport gives students like Matt an opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor on scholarly or creative projects directly related to their major. The Undergraduate Summer Research Internship Program allows students to advance their studies and bolster their professional ambitions—and they get paid to do it. The Brockport Foundation awards a stipend and free housing in Brockport’s residence halls to those who gain acceptance into the competitive program.

Matt Luther