SandeepSingh, PhD, CFA

Dr. Sandeep Singh, professor of finance, sees the School of Business Administration and Economics at The College at Brockport as a program on the rise. “We are doing many unique things that will make the school stand apart and excel.” From the new Bloomberg terminals to international competitions, Brockport business students are on the path for success.  Students are being accepted to more competitive graduate programs, finding better jobs and moving up the corporate ladder more quickly.

As a twenty-plus year veteran of Brockport, helping students succeed has been a key priority for Dr. Singh. “They are such a source of joy and they respond to engagement,” he said. He is delighted by the fresh opportunities for interaction the Bloomberg terminals provide, but he is always striving for other avenues. Academic competitions provide such opportunities. He has taken students to the CFA Research Institute Challenge in Buffalo and the Rotman International Trading Competition in Toronto where they could test their financial knowledge in simulated business situations.

Sandeep Singh