TylerLoveless '14

Attending The College at Brockport is a family affair for the Loveless family.  When Tyler Loveless ’14 visited his older sister on the Brockport campus, he felt like an honorary Brockport student. When he moved in as a freshman, his older sister was there to give him tips and advice. Now, Tyler’s younger brother is entering The College at Brockport and Tyler is able to give him tips and advice — just like his older sister gave him.

Among the things Tyler appreciates most about Brockport are the opportunities available to students. And, Tyler is making the most of those opportunities. Tyler is only a senior in college and his resume is already quite impressive: Treasurer of Brockport Student Government, Resident Assistant, Tour Guide, Orientation Student Advisor, Delta College Peer Mentor, The Institute for Leadership Education and Development Program attendee, and a host of athletic involvement.

Tyler was given the chance to attend The Institute for Leadership Education and Development Program sponsored by the Association of College Unions International during his summer ’12 break. Held at the University of Missouri, the program allowed Tyler to network with other student leaders around the country while enhancing his own leadership skills. Applying those leadership skills once back at Brockport has helped shape Tyler into the person he is today.

As an active member of the Delta College Program, Tyler has developed a new family on campus. Tyler says, “Imagine you and 59 other students not knowing anyone the first week of school and then by week three you are one giant family.” The Delta College Program, offering an interdisciplinary approach to the College’s required undergraduate liberal arts and science courses, has helped prepare Tyler for life after college. He has already participated in three internships that will be invaluable after he graduates.

Tyler is passionate about following his dreams and quotes Walt Disney as saying, “It all started with a mouse.” For Tyler, it all started with one visit to the Brockport campus.

Tyler Loveless