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About H.O.P.E Haiti

Pwoje Espwa Means H.O.P. E.
Haiti Outreach  
Founded in 1995, H.O.P.E. is an independent, volunteer not-for-profit organization based in Rochester, NY, whose primary purpose is to assist the people of Borgne, Haiti in attaining sustainable, equitable and just living conditions.

H.O.P.E. has worked closely with the people of Borgne and the surrounding area to promote and support community development through three critical and closely related programs:

Health—The wealthy nations of the world know what it takes to improve child health and survival, but in Borgne children still die because they lack access to basic care and services.

One of every eight children born in Haiti dies before the age of five, most due to completely preventable or treatable causes. Without access to basic health services, people in each generation remain equally vulnerable to the health problems of extreme poverty—if they manage to survive at all.

H.O.P.E. is committed to improve community health services. Its goal is to ensure access to preventive health programs, diagnostic and clinical care facilities, medications and immunizations. These are attainable goals as H.O.P.E. adopts the proven Partners in Health model to become a preferred option for the poor in Borgne, Haiti.

Education—Providing educational and training resources needed to cultivate new talent and capabilities within the community

Economic Development—Aiding economic development to reduce vulnerability and instability; and to build a sustainable base for the future.

One ongoing challenge is to adapt the knowledge, skills and resources available through H.O.P.E.’s support network to the unique conditions and circumstances of Borgne. “Our success to date is a testimonial to the commitment, creativity, drive and hard work of our volunteers, and our solidarity with our counterparts in Borgne.”

“Resource constraints are the single greatest obstacle to our ability to fulfill our vision for a just, equitable and sustainable community at Borgne. Our grassroots community development approach has been proven to work since our start in 1995. We simply need more help to carry out this outreach project. Our promise to our supporters is that every contribution of time, or donation of materials and funds will make a difference. As an entirely volunteer organization we direct 98 percent of all contributions to Borgne. We augment outside donations with our own time, talents, money and efforts, to maximize the opportunities for the people of Borgne.”

To volunteer or for more information, visit H.O.P.E. at