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Brockport Student Health Insurance

International Students: Please click this link for information on the International Student Insurance Plan, which is described on the Office of Student Accounts web page.

Health Insurance Policy Change
Effective Fall 2015  

Mandatory Health Insurance for Domestic Students 

The College at Brockport requires that domestic students comply with health insurance regulations as federally mandated by the Affordable Care Act. This law requires that all individuals have health insurance. Information and guidelines regarding eligibility for various plans, including Medicaid, is available at

Effective August 2015, The College at Brockport will not offer a student health insurance plan.


  • You will not have a charge for health insurance on your student bill.
  • You will no longer be required to waive the insurance plan. 

Students that do not have a personal or family health insurance plan, go to .

If you have further questions:


  Mandatory Health Insurance for 
2014-2015 Policy Year
effective until August 13, 2015


An ID Card from United Healthcare Student Resources is now available in MyAccount.  If you are unable to print your ID Card, call 1-800-767-0700.

For inquiries, contact Susan Hawkes, Insurance Coordinator,




Last Updated 4/10/15