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Graduate Programs in the Department of Health Science


About the Program

The College at Brockport is a leader in health education in Western NY. We offer master’s degree programs in Health Education (PreK-12) and Alternative Health Education (PreK-12). Learn more about our admission criteria and procedures.

MSEd (Health Education)

The Department of Health Science offers the Master of Science in Education (Health Education) program for the preparation of professional health educators. Professional preparation for the field of health education focuses on skills for the promotion of health, and strategies for enhancing and encouraging change toward positive health behaviors.


The Health Science master's degree program  meets the academic requirements established by the New York State Department of Education for professional certification as a health teacher for those individuals initially certified in health education. Completion of this degree prepares the candidate for professional certification in health (K-12) only if the candidate has already obtain initial certification in health (K-12).

Alternative MSEd (Health Education)

This program is designed for students who do not have initial certification to teach but seek certification as a health teacher (K-12). These students may have completed an undergradute health science liberal arts program, or other related undergraduate major. They would need to fulfill specific requirements, including student teaching, to satisfy the New York State Department of Education. Additional courses are required to complete the MSEd which would lead to professional certification to teach health (K-12) in New York state.

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