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Brockport / Health Science / Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Department of Health Science, State University of New York College at Brockport

Provides undergraduate and graduate programs that build upon a liberal arts foundation and are designed to produce quality learning outcomes to support student success via the following foundations:

  • critical and creative thinking skills and applications of technology,
  • competence in professional fields,
  • an understanding of global interdependence and cultural diversity,
  • the ability to work cooperatively with others, and
  • a commitment to the ethics and standards of a profession.

Ensures that its programs are responsive to professional and societal needs by:

  • engaging in outcomes assessments,
  • seeking and maintaining appropriate accreditation,
  • utilizing community advisory boards.

Contributes to the improvement of professional practice and the betterment of society by:

  • providing accessible in-service educational opportunities for practicing professionals, and
  • supporting faculty and student involvement in research, practice, and service to clients, the community and professional organizations.


Health Science at The College at Brockport
Health promotion and disease prevention are among the most challenging tasks facing the nation's consumers and health-care providers today. In an effort to address these issues, health-care professionals have identified several influential components. They recognize the need for effective communication and decision-making skills, an understanding of the role of lifestyle behaviors, and an awareness of the many aspects of social, physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual health on optimal wellness. The Health Science program at Brockport is committed to a goal of health promotion and disease prevention through its vital program of academic preparation.

The College offers the only comprehensive undergraduate major in health education and health science in western New York. The department also offers a Master of Science in Education in the field of health education. In addition, to the BS and MS offered, there is also a concentration in alcohol/substance abuse studies designed to meet the educational requirements for the Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counseling Credential (CASAC) and a track in health care administration.

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Last Updated 9/15/11