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Department of Health Science
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An interview with John Buchser, '13

B.S. Health Science, Concentration in Childhood Inclusive Education

Q: Why did you choose The College at Brockport?

A: I chose The College at Brockport because the campus was unique. Brockport was not incredibly big or small, but it was type of community where everyone knows someone. College is a place that provides opportunities for students to become extraordinary. I felt Brockport fit that criterion.

Q: Why dJohn Buscherid you choose your major?
A: I decided to pursue childhood education because it is a field I have a strong passion for. Within the education program I chose Health Science and it has been a great experience. After taking health science courses I have learned content that will definitely help me in the future. I've also learned that the Department of Health Science will go above and beyond to help a student with networking on and off campus.

Q: Describe your involvement in the Leadership Development Program.

A: I feel that everyone should try the Leadership Development Program because the rewards span far beyond the classroom, major, and your resume. Within the program, two other students and I created a campus wide Autism Awareness Week. Our community service project, and other activities, helped me realize that I have the opportunity to make my ideas a reality.

Q: Do you think as President of The Health Science Club that the club accomplished its goals this past year?

A: When I joined The Health Science Club sophomore year, I made it a goal to upgrade the club with fresh ideas. Looking back on my first year as president, the club and I accomplished our goals. Health Science majors, non-majors, clubs and organizations, and the Brockport Student Government now know about the club. We hosted events on campus, raised money, and worked in the community. This year I plan to continue building onto those actions.

Q: Describe the event "Glow Run for Boobies" and winning "Event of the Year."

A: I wanted an event that would grab students' attention, the result was a breast cancer fundraiser titled "Glow Run for Boobies". It is a run around campus to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer, done at night, with participants wearing pink glow sticks to show support for the cause. My expectations were blown away. The night of the event around 200 students came out despite the cold, wind, and rain. After the run we totaled $720 in donations! The energy was so positive and exciting! It was nice winning the "Event of the Year" Award but the event was not a one-man show. The award is for everyone who helped plan the event and participated. I could not be more proud and thankful for the support.

Q: What do you hope to do after graduation?

A: With my certification in Childhood Education I would like to become a teacher. I want to help young minds achieve their goals, big or small. In conjunction with my certification in Childhood Education, I anticipate my Health Science degree will provide skills that will prepare me for any goal I set.




An Interview With Meagan Diez

Q: What was it like studying in Vietnam? A: Studying abroad in Vietnam was an amazing experience. It definitely gave me insight into a different culture and how people in different regions of the world live and view life. One of the most important things that studying in Vietnam gave me was the insight that essentially all people are really the same and that everyone isn't as different as others make them out to be.
Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: After graduation, I plan on pursing a bachelor's degree in nursing and hopefully going on to get my Master's in nursing as well.
Q: How did the Department of Health Science prepare you for life after graduation? A: Brockport and the Health Science department have prepared me for life after graduation by helping me build my content knowledge in the health field as well as the skills necessary to help me succeed in my field. My professors have helped me become a more professional and well-rounded individual as well.
Q: You've had a broad variety of academic interests here and excelled at them has Brockport helped you nurture those interests?

A: Brockport has helped me nurture all of my different interests by having lots of options available. I never would have dreamed of living in Vietnam for 4 months until I realized that going to Vietnam is one of the perks of belonging to Brockport. Also, I've changed majors several times and Brockport was able to accommodate all my interests at the time: Health Science, Physical Education and Anthropology.
Q: What brought you to Brockport? How has your impression of campus changed?

A: A strange series of events actually brought me to Brockport. I actually declined coming to Brockport when I first got in as a freshmen and went to Ithaca college instead. After realizing that my career choice as a teacher might not be able to pay off the increasingly high debts of Ithaca college I decided to give Brockport a try and I'm very glad I made that decision. Brockport has a great community feel and is a fun place to be. It has also helped me greatly in my field and has provided me with many opportunities to travel, learn and succeed.
Q: What advice would you have for a student considering the Health Science Dept. at Brockport? The advice I would have for someone considering the health science department is to work hard, go to class, and love what you do. If you stick to those three things success is guaranteed.

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