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Liberal Arts Program

The Liberal Arts program (public health emphasis) does not include specific prerequisite courses, but students are encouraged to study in areas such as biology, psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics political science and philosophy. To earn a degree in the Public Health program, students are required to take 30 credits of health science by advisement. Many students in the liberal arts program have a second major (e.g. elementary education, physical education) and/or use the degree as preparation for graduate education.


  • What is Public Health?
  • Public health is an exciting and growing field of study.The field challenges its professionals to confront complex health issues, such as improving access to health care, controlling infectious disease, and reducing environmental hazards, violence, substance abuse, and injury.
  • Public health is a diverse and dynamic field.Public Health professionals come from varying educational backgrounds and can specialize in an array of fields. A host of specialists, including teachers, journalists, researchers, administrators, environmentalists, demographers, social workers, laboratory scientists, and attorneys, work to protect the health of the public.
  • Public health is a field geared toward serving others.Public health professionals serve local, national, and international communities. They are leaders who meet the many exciting challenges in protecting the public's health today and in the future.
  • Public health is a rewarding field. The field of public health offers great personal fulfillment - working towards improving people's health and well being is a rewarding day's work.  

Students matriculated into the Health Science Program from the Fall 2009 semester onward will be required to complete the following program.  You can also download an electronic version of this information.

I. Required Health Science Core Courses Credits
HLS 317: Introduction to Public Health (pre/co requisite for content courses)
HLS 488: Applied Biostatistics and Epidemiology (pre/co requisite for content courses)
HLS 303: Environmental Health


II. The Philosophies and Approaches of Public Health (Pick any ONE of the following) Credits
HLP 302: Foundations of Health Education*
HLS 489: Epidemiology
HLS 450: Global Health

* Recommended for students in the Elementary Education track.

III. Content Core (Pick any FIVE from the following)* Credits
HLS 301, 306, 311, 312, 313, 314, 399, 402, 409, 419, 425, 426, 428, 470, 471, 475, 490, 499 & HLS TXX or HLS UXX transferred credits
* HLS 317 and HLS 488 are pre/co requisites for most content courses, HLS 488 is a pre/co requisite for HLS 409. No pre/co requisites for HLS 301, 306, 311.


IV. Capstone ( ONE course, 3 credits)
HLS 495 Health Education & Promotion Research Methods (includes 10 hours service learning) OR

EDI/PES Student Teaching (+ 3 additional hours of content courses from Part III) OR

Honors/Delta Project (+ 3 additional hours of content courses from Part III)


The Department of Health Science has a professional responsibility to deny admission or continuation in any of its undergraduate or graduate programs to any student whose level of performance and/or personal characteristics do not adquately meet academic professional or ethical standards.

All students considering a Department of Health Science program or concentration are invited contact the department's chair or any member of the department faculty for further information and guidance.

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