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Brockport / Health and Human Performance / Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

The School of Health and Human Performance welcomes intellectually curious students who are serious about their education. Student learning and professional engagement are primary values supported by caring faculty who teach rigorous courses and produce quality scholarship. Graduates are well-prepared to live healthy and balanced lives and to contribute to the health, physical activity, and leisure needs of a culturally diverse society.

Vision Statement

The School of Health and Human Performance aspires to be home to nationally recognized academic programs in health, physical activity, and leisure studies. It seeks to be known for excellence in teaching and learning, scholarly achievement, and professional and community engagement. The School strives to produce graduates eminently prepared to enter the workforce and actively recruited by employers. Faculty and staff embrace reflective practice and pursue a culture of continuous improvement.

Our Value Statements

We value healthy lifestyles.
We value diversity and cultural competency.
We value student learning and achievement.
We value excellence in teaching.
We value research and scholarship.
We value professional engagement and community building.

We value healthy lifestyles.
We seek to be good role models for healthy behaviors, including the pursuit of proper nutrition, physical activity and the mitigation of risk factors like alcohol and tobacco use. We build curricula and out-of-classroom opportunities that are consistent with healthy lifestyles and encourage students to take elective coursework that promotes healthy behavior. We also encourage students to participate in co-curricular activities like athletics, intramurals, learning
communities and other pursuits that contribute to healthy choices and behaviors.

We help build healthy lifestyles by:

  • encouraging all members of the College community to participate in wellness activities
  • creating academic and community environments where all members feel welcomed, valued and appreciated
  • recognizing the importance of work/life balance for everyone
  • supporting sustainability efforts that promote local and global health

We value diversity and cultural competency.
By exposing students to diverse perspectives throughout the curriculum, and expecting all our faculty, staff and students to treat others with respect, we encourage and promote self-awareness among all members of our academic community.

We assist students in their understanding, recognition and celebration of the uniqueness of all communities. We continually strive to develop instructional methodologies that acknowledge and accommodate cultural diversity as well as differences in learning styles and approaches to learning.

We show our commitment to diversity by:

  • promoting and supporting opportunities for international education
  • seeking to increase representation from underserved countries and communities
  • creating inclusive and diverse learning communities
  • encouraging students to take part in activities that promote diversity

We value student learning and achievement.
Encouraging students to be responsible for their learning, and assuring them we are available to support their efforts helps them take their studies more seriously. By ensuring students are not only familiar with their course objectives, but also understand the importance reading, writing, and thinking critically, we create opportunities for them to develop vital skills like analyzing problems, weighing evidence, developing arguments and deriving conclusions. We provide active and collaborative learning environments and encourage students to volunteer for relevant
out-of-classroom experiences.

We inspire excellence by:

  • providing opportunities to bridge theory and practice
  • facilitating community-based learning
  • developing self- and peer-evaluation activities
  • modeling life-long learning beyond college

We value excellence in teaching.
We strive to teach the most current content and continuously revise our curriculum and methods to instill a sense of excitement and curiosity to motivate further learning. Faculty members and staff take advisement and mentoring seriously and provide students with opportunities to work on research projects, committees and other noncourse-related projects. We inspire excellence by contributing to a culture of continuous improvement, and take pride in teaching rigorous courses with high expectations for student achievement.

We show our commitment to teaching by:

  • providing timely and meaningful feedback
  • modeling critical thinking
  • demonstrating honesty, accountability and responsibility
  • welcoming and initiating interactions with students
  • seeking opportunities for professional development

We value research and scholarship.
Celebrating scholarship is an integral part of academic life. Faculty members conduct original research and publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals, books and other professional outlets. We use research to inform and enhance our teaching, and faculty members routinely attend and present at professional meetings and conferences to remain current in their field. Faculty members often collaborate with others outside their discipline or outside the College in pursuit of new knowledge. We regularly seek extramural funding to support scholarly activities, and whenever appropriate, encourage student participation in our research.

We value professional engagement and community building.
We participate in the shared governance of the College and we partner with community-based organizations for mutual professional benefit. Faculty and staff strive to model collegiality and civility for students. We pursue curricular connections at the College and support collaboration of faculty, staff and students through local, regional, national and global professional organizations, research projects and service initiatives. Our faculty, staff and students engage with alumni in our community and contribute to the success of discipline-based professional

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