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Brockport / Health and Human Performance / Strategic Plan


College Construct: Academic Quality and Engagement

         Division* Priority: Strengthen Faculty Scholarship

                   Unit** Priority: Scholarship & Creative Activity


  • Maintain average number of publication(s) per full-time FTE faculty member
  • Maintain average number of presentations per full-time FTE faculty member
  • Increase number of grant submissions for external funding
  • Increase number of grant dollars awarded from external sources

         Division* Priority: Offer High Quality, Rigorous Academic Programs

                   Unit** Priority: Curriculum Development & Academic Challenge


  • Attain CAAHEP accreditation for exercise physiology program
  • Examine a BS/MS combined degree program for Health Science and Kinesiology, Sport Studies & Physical Education
  • Examine an interdisciplinary master’s degree between Health Science and Nursing
  • Increase the level of academic challenge associated with the School’s curricula

         Division* Priority: Strengthen Graduate Education

                   Unit** Priority: Graduate Education


  • Increase number of students matriculated in programs
  • Increase number of out-of-state matriculated students
  • Increase number of students completing degrees
  • Increase percent of matriculated students completing programs within five years
  • Increase percent of College placement survey respondents employed in their field

         Division* Priority: Encourage Active Faculty/Staff-Student Engagement
      in Student Development

                   Unit** Priority: Student Engagement

Advisement Goals

  • Improve student satisfaction among seniors on quality of advisement
  • Attain a good level of graduate student satisfaction on quality of advisement

Faculty/Student Interaction Goals

  • Maintain the quality of student relationships with faculty members
  • Improve overall quality of student/faculty interaction
  • Increase the number of students who are engaged in faculty-led research projects

         Division* Priority: Improve the Student Experience

                   Unit** Student Engagement

Student Life Goals

  • Increase the percent of students who are physically active
  • Increase the percent of students who participate in learning communities or other similar formal programs
  • Increase the percent of students who spend at least 11 hours per week on co-curricular activities
  • Increase the number of outside of class activities, lectureships etc., supported by member departments

                                       OF PLACE

         Division* Priority: Improve Diversity and Inclusion

                   Unit** Priority: Diversity


  • Increase number of students who participate in study abroad
  • Increase the percent of seniors who report exposure to diverse perspectives in classes
  • Increase the percent of seniors who report they were encouraged to have contact with students from other backgrounds
  • Increase the percent of students who report that the College has contributed to their understanding of people from other backgrounds

                                       CULTURE OF PHILANTHROPY

         Division* Priority: Enhance Alumni Engagement and Enhance Friend
                                                               and Fundraising

                   Unit** Priority: Philanthropy


  • Increase total dollars donated for School-based funds
  • Increase percent of School alumni who give to the College
  • Increase the number of alumni who serve on (School and departmental) advisory boards
  • Increase the number of alumni contacts initiated by Dean’s office
  • Increase the number of “likes” on departmental Facebook pages

*Division = Academic Affairs
** Unit = School of Health and Human Performance

Last Updated 8/31/15