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Brockport / History / Graduate / HST 700 Essay

Integrative Essay - HST 700

In your final semester in the program, you should expect to enroll in HST 700: Historical Integration, a three-credit course designed as an integrative capstone experience for your MA work. Satisfactory performance in the Integrative Essay is a requirement for graduation for students selecting this option.

  1. The integrative essay is meant to help you bring together the various strands of your graduate work through a larger question. The question/s you and your committee choose should reflect your course work with added reading to help fill in the gaps in your knowledge base.  The final essay should be 30+pages in length and fulfill the style and citation requirements of the department.


  2. The integrative essay is capped off by an oral examination by the committee.


  3. The integrative essay is graded.  A “B” is necessary to pass and to fulfill the requirements of the MA program.


EXPECTATIONS for History 700 (Integrative Essay)

Student must fulfill the following:

  • Ask two faculty to serve on your committee who are appropriate for your topic (if you do not know who to ask please ask the graduate director for advice).
  • Present them with possible questions.
  • Present them with a list of previously read books/articles in graduate classes that address this question
  • Finalize this question with your first reader and present a revised and augmented bibliography.
  • Meet regularly throughout the semester/summer with your first reader.
  • Submit drafts (number specified by first reader) of the essay to the first reader.
  • Submit a final draft to both readers in plenty of time for revisions prior to filing deadline.


Faculty readers must fulfill the following:

  • The first reader must provide clear grading criteria in the contract.
  • The first reader will help the student shape question/s, suggest added sources and approve of the final bibliography.
  • The first reader will return drafts of the essay in time for the student to make revisions needed to graduate at an agreed date.
  • The second reader will return final draft of the essay in time for the student to make revisions.


View and print the HST 700 contract

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