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American Public History

This new track will allow students to gain mastery in American history through the required seminars and electives, as well as include required courses in public history, two internships and a final project that focuses on the creation of public history.

The new public history track will provide a rigorous, coordinated training for students, making them marketable for entry-level jobs in public and corporate archives, museums, historical sites, parks and historical societies, as well as to enter programs in museum studies or library school.

Students will be introduced to the topic of public history and to the study of material culture in the Rochester region in their required core courses. Students will network with local institutions by doing internships and gain valuable hands-on professional experience (for instance at the Genesee Village and Country Museum, Rochester Historian’s Office, Rochester Historical Society, Strong Museum of Play, Emily Knapp Museum and other local historical societies and archives). At the end of the MA, students will produce a public history project such as an exhibit and catalogue around the display of objects (virtual, digital or actual); a website based on a non-material topic in public history; an essay aimed at public history scholars; a project based in internship experience; an oral history project.


American Public History Track Requirements

Required Courses

HST 600 Introduction to Historical Study       3 credits

HST 614 Early America Seminar                     3 credits

HST 615 Modern America Seminar                3 credits


2 of the following

HST 512 Public History                      or            3 credits

HST 513 Rochester Reform Trail     or            3 credits

HST 527 Material Culture                                  3 credits


2 of the following

HST 503 Internship                           or            3 credits

ANT 562 Internship                            or           3 credits

HST 702 Public History Capstone                 3 credits



HST 601 Topics in American History              3 credits

HST 601 Topics in American History               3 credits

HST 500 or 600 level American History          3 credits


Total Number of Credits                                  33

Last Updated 5/2/13


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The Robert Marcus lecture will be on Thursday, March 6, at 7:30 pm in the New York Room in Cooper Hall.