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Brockport / History / Graduate / Syllabi / HST 419/519

Sample Syllabus: History 419/519

Civil War Reconstruction

Instructor:  John Daly   
Phone: 395‑5672
Phone Hours:  Call or email anytime and leave a message.
Office Hours: FOB 147, M 2:15-3, T 9:45-11, W 2:15-3 Th 9:45-11:00  Call/make an appointment anytime


McPherson, Battle Cry of Freedom

Foner, Reconstruction

Donald et al, Why the North Won the Civil War

Linderman, Embattled Courage
Internet Handouts

Course Objectives

Students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental chronology,
terms, events, and historical figures in the history of the Civil War and Reconstruction (as presented in lectures and readings). More important, students should learn to analyze and describe general historical themes and interpretive controversies related to this subject. 

Course Requirements

A full schedule of lectures and assignments is attached. Study sheets will be given for the exam. The Exam will consist of objective sections and one essay question of the student's choice. Students should raise questions or initiate discussion at any time during class hours. Students should notify the instructor before class if they have to miss a day or leave early. Make-up exams will only be given to students who provide valid excuses prior to the start of the exam (leave a message). All make-up exams will be more difficult than the scheduled exams and must be taken before the final. A student requesting special testing or classroom accommodations is encouraged to meet with the instructor as soon as possible so that appropriate accommodations can be considered early in the quarter. Handouts will be provided for all short paper assignments. Failure to hand in serious papers for any assignment will result in a grade of E in the course.  Late papers will be penalized a grade level (A to A-) for each day they are late and even when they have reached E must still be handed in prior to the end of the course and be C level to pass the class. Attendance will be taken regularly and be the most important factor in your participation grade. In form the professor ahead of time about any absences.  No excuses needed—a missed class is a missed class, but effort and serious attention to your class responsibilities will be noted for participation. Improvement will be factored into your final grade, but grades are not curved and I will not assign extra-credit work. The grading scale used in this course is (100pts.): 95-100=A, 90-94 A-, 86-89=B+, 83-85=B, 80-83=B-, 79-76=C+, 73-75=C, 70-73=C-, 60-69=D, 59 or below = E.


Short Papers 25%   (graduate students may have more specific questions and extra reading)
Participation/improvement 25%
Midterm Exam: 25%
Research Paper: 25%   (graduate students papers will be longer)


Attendance: Will be taken every day and count heavily toward participation

HIST 419/519, Fall 2006:  Lectures and Assignments

Aug 28   Introduction/Themes
       30    So Let’s Debate the Civil War
 Sep 1    McPherson’s view                        Battle Cry  Epilogue/Afterward and Intro

Sep 4     NO CLASS
       6     New Theories of Civil War and Reconstruction
       8     Civil War on Film                                 Read All of Why the North Won
Sep 11    Causes of the War 
       13    First Paper Due Discuss Why the North
      15    Causes of the War                                                 Battle Cry xvii-170
Sep 18     1860
      20       Southern Revolt
      22       Second Secession                                        Battle Cry 202-339

Sep 25     Resources and Strategy    
      27      Bull Run and Shiloh
      29       Why did they charge like that?         Read all of Linderman

Oct 2       Naval and other Wars
      4       The  North in the East

Oct 9       Antietam and Emancipation        Battle Cry 369-511
       11      Black Troops
       13      Things Get Nasty

Oct 16      The big Battles
       18      Turning Point
       20       Things Get Nastier                    Battle Cry 511-666
Oct 23    Brutal  1864 
       25    Inevitable                                         666-831
      27      Midterm*********
Oct 30      Recon in War
 Nov 1      Recon as War
         3      Masters without Slaves                   Foner  Epilogue 602-612,  intro-77

Nov 6      The South Tries?  77-176
        8       Andrew Johnson gets Drunk     176-281
      10        Radicals?

Nov 13     The Revolution in the South
        15      The Civil War in the South     346-460                3rd Paper Due on Foner
        17       YAWNNNNNN  Economics    460-512

Nov 20      Bloody economics and concentration camps
         27     1877
        29      They did what?  512-602
 Dec 1        1965

Dec 4, 6, 8:  Research Papers  Discuss Conclusions

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Our sincere congratulations to Matty Lynn Kuhar who won the 2016 School of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Undergraduate Award!

Dr. Alison Parker has been invited to be this year's Harriet Jacobs Lecturer at Purdue University. Her talk is entitled Mary Church Terrell, Black Women, and the Rise of the Democratic Party. 

Dr. Nishiyama has been invited to give a talk (title "Kamikaze Technology and Culture for War: Japan and the USA, 1941-2001") at the RIT.

Dr. Alison Parker facilitated significant donation of historical papers to Oberlin College and participates in its celebratory symposium on the life of racial justice advocate Mary Church Terrell (1863-1954).

Congratulations to Dr. Jose R. Torre on winning the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching!


History Forum will host Region 11&12 Meeting of the Association of Public Historians of New York State, on 4/30 (Saturday, from 9am to about 4pm) at McCue Auditorium (LAB104).

History Department Graduation Ceremony will be held in New York Room, Cooper Hall, at 10:30 am, May 14 (Saturday).