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Brockport / History / Graduate / Completed

Titles of Completed Theses


Paul Constantine
"The Civil War in Arkansas, Part II"


Alana Brook Cross
"Violence and Social Unrest"
Krysten S. Collier
"Evolving Ivans and Static Soviet Union"
Matthew D. Bessette
"'Nervous Diseases' and the Politics of Healing in America, 1869-1919"


Thomas Louis Jennings
"A History of Computer Technology and its Impact on Academics at SUNY Brockport"


Thomas Vigneri "The Lost Cause: An Examination of the Defeat of the Confederate States of America"
David Latella "The American Obsession: The Continuing Influence of the American Civil War on Popular Culture and the Evolution of the Lost Cause Mythology"
Adam Hendel "The Collapse of the Confederacy: Class Dissent, Unionism, and Desertion"
Carl O' Connor "Disaster in the Heartland: The American Dustbowl"


Howard P. Krug

“Charles Finney and Willam Miller: Revivalists, Reformers, and Millennialists Looking Downward and Upward.”

Anthony J. Carpenter "Gun Ownership in America Revisited: Firearms and Popular Culture 1700 to 1860.”
Jason Kielbasa “Step Right Up Folks, Anarchy For Sale!: Advertising in the New Yorker, National Geographic and Playboy.”
Cara Smith “`When Bridget is good she is so very good... when she is bad, she is horrid’: Portrayals of Female Irish Immigrants in America during the Late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries.”


James R. Swiatek “Algonquian Manipulation of the Colonial System : English Colonization, Native Persistence and Anglo-Algonquian Alliances in Seventeenth-Century New England.”
Tricia R. Peone “Creatures and Covenants: a Trans-Atlantic Study of the Seventeenth-Century Witchcraft Belief.”
Ryan M. Dunshie “Masculinity in Football and American society, and its Connection to war.”
Steven A. Calhoun “Seeing Red: Communists, Eugene Dennis, and the Supreme Court.”
Christopher R. Pearl “Reluctant Revolutionary: Benjamin Franklin’s last years in England, 1772-1775.”
David D. Kent “The United States of Security: how the Policies of Harry S. Truman Guarded Americans Against Enemies Foreign, Domestic, Military, Economic, and Social.”


Carrie Van Etten "Do as I do. Consult the spirits": the Comforts and Entertainments of Nineteenth-Century Spiritualism.”
Diane F. Palmer “Helen Kendrick Johnson and the Anti-Suffrage side of the Female Suffrage Debate.”
Maura Gilsinan “Lucy Stone : an Understated Suffragist.”
Andrew M. Cook "Thirty thousand half-breeds" and "Negroes with guns" : the Violent Formulation of Race in 1950s North Carolina.”


Tracey Beechner “Against all Odds : Six Educated Survivors of the Pol Pot Regime Share their Experience in Cambodia’s `killing fields.`”
Matthew J. Ketterer “American Civilization and its Discontented : New England Federalists during the Administrations of Jefferson and Madison.”
William S. Fisher “American Society and Education : an Analysis of the Junior High School Movement and the Social and Economic Factors which Promoted its Development.”
Dann J. Broyld “Black Representation in the American Socialist Party : Woodbey, The Masses, Haywood.”
Shannon Symonds “A History of Japanese Religion : From Ancient Times to Present.”
Shawn Ragonese “Latin American Protestants in the Twentieth Century.”
Timothy D. Lloyd “Salutary Neglect : American Reaction to the Cold War and the War on Terror.”
Tabitha M. Metz “Schism in the Suffrage Campaign : How the Division Between the NWP and NAWSA Led to Woman’s Suffrage.”

Last Updated 11/2/12


History major Gabrielle Brannigan received a scholarship to enter the MA program in Social Studies and Special Education at the University of Rochester's Warner School of Education.

Dr. Takashi Nishiyama has published a book, Engineering War and Peace in Modern Japan, 1868-1964 (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014).

Dr. Takashi Nishiyama was interviewed by Mainichi, a major national newspaper in Japan, for the Oct. 3, 2014, issue.

The department hosted an NEH Workshop, Rochester Reform Trail, for K-12 teachers in July 2014.

History major Amy Freeman has published an article on the Eastman Dental Dispensary in the Democrat and Chronicle.

Dr. Takashi Nishiyama was interviewed by Yomuiri, a major national newspaper in Japan.

Dr. Ken O'Brien has been named a SUNY Provost Fellow for the 2013-2014 year.

Dr. Bruce Leslie has been named a SUNY Distinguished Service Professor.


The Malik Lecture will be held on Thursday, February 12, 2015, at 7 pm at the Tower Fine Arts Center Mainstage.

The Robert Marcus Lecture will be held on Wednesday, April 15, 2015, at 7:30 pm in the lecture hall (room 104) of the Liberal Arts Building.