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Brockport / History / 4+1 Combined Program

4 + 1 Combined Program - Bachelor of Science/Arts in History and Masters in History

The combined degree allows students to complete their BS/BA and MA in just five years.

Students can also save money by paying undergraduate tuition rates for graduate credits.


The first three years of the program students take undergraduate courses, then in the fourth year students may take four graduate courses, with a fifth year (including the summer) used for the remaining MA graduate courses. Students will have a fallback position, which is to complete a BS/BA with a minimum of 120 credits as required for a normal BS/BA at Brockport, should they decide to change course before completing the master's program.


Students may apply:

  1. when they reach minimum 54 and maximum 99 credits (second semester sophomore to first semester junior year).
  2. if they have a 3.0 GPA cumulative, 3.25 in history.
  3. if they have taken 390 and at least one 400 level course.


Application process:

  1. application form from graduate office
  2. 2 letters of recommendation from faculty at Brockport in the history department.
  3. letter of intent
  4. writing sample


Once in the program students:

    1. must maintain a 3.0 GPA to stay in (both graduate and undergraduate courses). Students admitted who fail to meet this academic standard will have the fallback position to complete the normal BA/BS program.
    2. may start taking graduate classes when they reach 90 credits
    3. may take up to 12 credits in graduate courses but no more than two courses a semester.
    4. will be able to replace undergraduate history 400 level requirements with 500 level courses.
    5. must take at least two 500 level courses before enrolling in 600 level courses.  The graduate advisor will then advise them on which 600 level courses to take.
    6. will be advised on their graduate courses and have a course of study with the graduate advisor – as well as continue their work with their undergraduate advisor.
    7. will pay undergraduate credits until they have completed their BA/BS.


If you are interested, contact Dr Morag Martin,, 395-5690

Last Updated 10/29/12


Congratulations to Dr. Jose R. Torre on winning the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching!

History major Michael Zagari has been accepted into the Duquesne University School of Law this coming fall on a full academic scholarship! During his time at Brockport, Mike has played on the NCAA men’s ice hockey team and has won the Jack Crandall and Robert Griswold History Department Awards.

History major Gabrielle Brannigan received a scholarship to enter the MA program in Social Studies and Special Education at the University of Rochester's Warner School of Education.

History professor Jose R. Torre to direct NEH Landmarks Workshop for K-12 teachers. The Rochester Reform Trail explores Rochester’s nationally important antebellum reform history. This July, 72 K-12 teachers from as far away as California, Florida and Oregon will visit Rochester and learn why national figures like Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony chose to live and work for social justice in Rochester, New York.


Robert Marcus Memorial Lecture, Thursday, 4/14/16, 7:30 pm, McCue Auditorium (LibArt 104 A/B), Dr. Raymond Craib (Cornell University), Title: "The Cry of the Renegade:  The politics and poetry of subversion in Santiago, Chile"