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Honors College

About the Honors College

The Honors College brings academically talented students together in a community of scholars, where the spirit of learning and engagement go hand in hand. The College provides a uniquely enriched environment that motivates students to reach their full academic and individual potential. Students in our Honors College enjoy the challenges and rewards of working with distinguished members of the faculty in small, student-centered classes designed to stimulate discussion and personal growth.

Honors College students may pursue any major of their choice, while availing themselves of flexible course options and a variety of educational opportunities such as internships, study abroad programs and service learning projects. At the end of their undergraduate program, the Honors Senior Thesis capstone prepares each Honors student for success in graduate study or a profession of his or her choice.

From close advisement and peer-mentoring to participating in special social events, research and leadership opportunities, the Honors College enhances the students’ journey along a path of self-discovery.

Last Updated 8/16/13