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More Honors Advantages

Are there special registration privileges?

Yes, Honors students are allowed to register first (at the same time as seniors). This gives you first choice of classes that fill up quickly, and enables you to select the faculty and course times you really want.

Are there special moving-in privileges?

Yes, in their first semester, Honors freshmen are allowed to move into the dorms a day before "move-in" day! A special privilege indeed.

Are there Honors-sponsored social events?

Yes, each semester we strive to offer several social events—pizza parties, film screenings, informal trips, etc.—that are organized by the Honors Club, an active student-run association.

Are there conferences that I could attend as an Honors Student?

Yes. The College at Brockport’s Honors College takes a number of students each year to two annual conferences sponsored by the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC). Several Brockport students usually join 2000 other Honors Students and Honors faculty at NCHC’s national conference in November, and others attend the Northeast regional meeting of NCHC in April for the presentation of papers, panel discussions, guest lectures, and social activities.

Will participation in the Honors College help me get a job, or get into graduate or professional school after I graduate from SUNY Brockport?

Yes, there is good evidence that graduating with an Honors distinction is valuable for your future. As an Honors student you will be identified as possessing not only superior academic abilities (often supplemented by extracurricular involvement), but you will be recognized as having the commitment and motivation to take on challenging work. Hence, Honors students are eagerly sought by employers and preferred for admissions by graduate and professional schools. Moreover, your Senior Honors Thesis demonstrates your ability to work independently at an advanced level. The Honors Thesis often helps students decide on their special area of interest for graduate and professional schools or employment.



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