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Honors Options and Advantages

What is the size of the typical Honors Course?

Honors courses are the smallest classes on the Brockport campus, averaging 11-16 students, with a maximum enrollment of 20 students

What is the difference between “Freshmen" Honors and “Transfer/Current Student ” Honors?

College Honors is the seven course Honors track designed for students who start Honors in their freshman year at Brockport. Upper Division/Senior Honors is a more limited Honors track composed of the last three courses required for College Honors, focused on the Honors Thesis, and also intended for students transferring to The College at Brockport or joining Honors after their freshman year.

Do I have any choices in the Honors courses I take?

Absolutely. We strive to offer different courses each semester to maximize your course options.

Can I do an internship while in the Honors College?

Certainly. The Honors College strongly encourages internships. Many Honors students complete an internship, but in keeping with the Honors philosophy, internships are a personal option.

Can I participate in an international study program while the Honors College?

Absolutely — and it is strongly encouraged. International Education is a great way to enrich your college experience, and the flexibility of the Honors College makes this an easy choice. You also don’t have to be a major in international business or a foreign language to do so.  In addition, more than a dozen Honors Programs at other colleges in the United States offer additional foreign study opportunities designed just for Honors Students.

I have never prepared a long research paper. Will I really be able to complete a Senior Honors Thesis?

Yes, and you will be supported all the way! More than any other course in college, the Honors Thesis is an experience that students recognize as the most valuable of their academic career. It is what we mean by “enrichment” or “swimming in the deep end”—exploring a specific topic of interest to you in great depth, working one-on-one with your faculty Thesis Director, and contributing to your discipline through your own research, creativity, and analytical work.

What kinds of students are enrolled in Honors?

Brockport Honor students are a highly diverse group, not just in terms of majors, but also in backgrounds, nationality, ethnicity, race, personality, interests, etc. For example, about 30% of the College Honors freshmen compete on varsity teams, others are dancers, artists and actors, mathematicians and scientists; many have leadership roles on campus or are heavily involved in student government, clubs, and residence hall activities. But what they do share in common is a commitment to academic excellence and a desire to make the most of their college experience.

Will being in the Honors College separate me from other students?

No, we want Honors students to be as fully a part of college life as is possible. Honors students take a mix of Honors and regular courses, and they find their friends and roommates both in and out of Honors.

How many students are in the college?

At present, there are about 350 students in the Honors College, an ideal size that permits us to maintain high standards, offer a wide variety of courses each semester, and not lose sight of our students as individuals.

How are Honors professors selected?

Faculty are selected on the basis of their teaching abilities as evaluated by their Department Chair, current Honors students, or the Honors Director. Departments are often eager to provide their best faculty for Honors courses because they hope to attract Honors students to their programs. Many Honors faculty have received awards for excellence in teaching or other forms of recognition.

Can I graduate early if I am an Honors student?

Yes, if you wish to. Because many Honors students enter with transfer or AP credits, it is often easy for them to graduate a semester early. By taking courses during the summer, it is possible to complete the 120 credits required for graduation in three years. However, most students in Honors prefer to stay in college for the typical four years to broaden or deepen their academic preparation — for example, by completing a second major, a minor, an individual research project, a teacher certification program, and so forth.

What majors fit best with Honors?

All majors. College Honors does not have any built-in biases or special arrangements that would favor one major or another. Honors students are enrolled in every major on campus. You can even make up your own unique program of study, your own major or minor.



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