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Honors Program Requirements

Honors students must fulfill the College at Brockport's requirements in General Education and their specific academic major(s). A combination of small interactive Honors seminars and conventional courses may be used to satisfy these requirements. All Honor students are expected to take at least one course per year and maintain a 3.25 GPA to remain active in the Program.


Four Honors courses are required during the first four or five semesters of college (Track I). Thus, only one course out of every five courses, or roughly one course per semester, needs to be an Honors course during your freshman and sophomore years.

  • HON112 Introduction to Honors (4 credits). Required of all students in the Honors College; this is the principal course in the program for academic planning and advisement. The course also satisfies the College’s General Education requirements for College Composition, Humanities, Comparative Perspectives and Perspectives on Women.
  • Three Additional Honors Courses (9-12 credits). Students select these courses from a variety of disciplines that satisfy additional General Education requirements. For example, Honors Modern World (HST 102) fulfills Western Civilization, and World Civilization, Honors Environmental Science (ENV 202) fulfills Natural Science with Lab, and Honors Improv Theater (THE 232) fulfills Fine Arts with performance General Education Requirements.


In the junior and senior years (Track II), Honors students focus on fulfilling their academic major, minor and/or electives. Only three additional Honors Courses (a total of seven credits) are required during your last two years of college.

  • HON 395 Honors Junior Colloquium (1 credit). As preparation for the Honors Senior Thesis project, this course needs to be completed during the junior year.
  • Honors Contemporary Issues (3 credits). An Honors course that satisfies the Contemporary Issues General Education requirement (indicated by an “I”) of the College. Examples of recent Honors Contemporary Issues course titles include: Life in the Digital Age, Contemporary Issues in Health, Freedom of Expression, Professional Ethics.
  • HON 490 Honors Senior Thesis Project (3 credits). The capstone experience of the Honors College: an individual research project, requiring both a written product and a formal presentation. Completed under the direction of a professor in either your major or a related area, this course usually fulfills requirements in your major.



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