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Transfers/Current Brockport Students College Honors College Requirements

Entering Transfers and Current Students: Honors Course Requirements

Honors students are required to fulfill The College at Brockport's General Education program along with their chosen academic major. Students who begin the Honors College program as transfers or at the midpoint of their undergraduate education are required to complete three (3) Honors course requirements (see below).  As much as possible, these courses are integrated into a student’s chosen program of study. Honors students are expected to take at least one course per academic year and maintain a 3.25 GPA to remain active in the program.

Students who start the Honors College at the midpoint of their undergraduate education must complete Track II, which consists of three Honors Courses totaling seven credits.


  • Honors Contemporary Issues (3 credits): The Honors Contemporary Issues requirement (indicated by the “I” code) satisfies a General Education requirement at the upper-division level. At least three course options representing a variety of disciplines are offered every Fall and Spring semester. Examples of recent Honors Contemporary Issues course titles include: “Life in the Digital Age,” “Confronting Death,” “Global Perspectives on Women & Gender,” and “Issues in Life Sciences.”
  • HON 395 “Junior Colloquium” (1 credit): In preparation for embarking on an Honors Senior Thesis project, this course is completed during the Junior year. Students are guided through the process of planning their thesis, including selecting a topic and faculty director and developing a methodology of research.
  • HON 490 “Honors Senior Thesis Project” (3 credits): As the capstone experience of the Honors College, the thesis is a scholarly or creative project designed by the student under the direction of a professor in his or her academic major (or a related area).  It requires both a written product and a formal presentation in accordance with the research practices in a student’s chosen field of study. 



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